Thursday, May 29, 2008

May Projects

K, here's a report of what sewing projects I accomplished for May.

#1- Aloha! Using some free fabric from a fabric distribution, I tried my hand at smocking. I think the fabric was too heavy weight for it to work right and I had a bit of a rough time working out the tension with the elastic thread (any tips on this is welcome) so the results are not as "smocked" as I would have liked, but hey, it works. She looked very cute for her luau.

#2-This is the first (and somewhat likely the last) thing I've ever sewn Boz. We got him a bunch of bbq stuff for his bday so this apron seemed appropriate. The kids had a lot of fun painting it with me (the pants I was wearing at the time were the only causality).
#3-Finally finished this set of PJ's for Elyette and her cousin McKenzie. Can you tell which one is for which girl? I got this flannel backed satin (awesome stuff for pj's, but a bit tricky for me to sew--slippery!) with the intention of making them for Christmas...hmm, better late then never, right!

#4- This dress was from some $1 per yard fabric from Walmart. So its nice to sew on cheap fabric, I feel less nervous about messing it up. Doesn't she look cute. That girl can make anything thing look good!

Oh and for #5, "lil' bee" got in the action even. She thinks I'm a wonderful :)... Although I think she's just glad to not be naked anymore.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Boz!

With a name like Boz, you can expect a unique individual. That he is. This now 26 year old is unlike any other. Its almost unfair how much time and care the Lord seemed to take in creating this amazing man. He's oozing with talent all across the spectrum from once being a gymnast to music composition. He's one of those people you want to hate because they can easily do anything they want and yet you can't help but love them. I'm inspired by Boz's fearless drive to try and do anything and encouraging me to do the same. When he's interested in something he becomes a total sponge. The best is when he tries to explain what he's learning to me in laymen's terms. He actually does a really great job at helping me understand, but often I just smile and nod, but its his excitement that I love watching.

Boz is real. He doesn't try to showcase himself as anything more or less than he is. He doesn't let who he thinks he should be or who he was get in the way of just being, which allows him to grow unrestrained. Somehow Boz has lived in this world and gotten along well with it and yet has remained untouched by it. I believe this to be one of his greatest gifts. To live "in" the world but not be "of" the world (something most all of us have to keep ourselves in check with, he does naturally). I think he also achieves true humility. He can accept a compliment without shirking it off or feeling inadequate as well as not getting puffed up or cocky. His actions are always honest and with true intent. He's extremely even tempered (a good balance for is crazy, emotional wife) which can be incredibly frustrating at times :).

He is a wonderful husband (regularly taking a beating from me or kindly listening to my opinionated verbal diarrhea) and as a father...well they don't get any better than him. He is patient and loving with his little ones, while also being firm and steadfast when they need him to be...well...with the exception of his little girl at times. She's got him wrapped around her slender little fingers! He's fun and wild and somehow musters up the energy to play with them no matter what. Its obvious how fiercely Boz adores his children. He truly is a one of a kind, amazing man. Today we celebrate you, Boz. Happy Birthday! I love you!- wife (aka: Maegan)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Precious Gift

This is my dad's cello. Like me, he's been playing the cello since he was young, though I admit, he has always played much better than I. I remember the first time I sat down with a cello. I was in the 4th grade when the middle schoolers came to "draft" us grade schooler into band or orchestra by letting us try out any instrument we wanted. I first tried the flute. After getting very light headed and dizzy I decided against band altogether. Next I tried the violin. I thought that I would love the violin and was really excited about making it my instrument of choice, but it didn't quite fit. The music teacher there suggested I try the cello. I didn't have plans to try the cello, in fact I didn't really know what it was since my dad didn't yet own one for himself and I was unaware at the time that he even played. Reluctantly, I sat down with a little half size cello that fit my 10 year old self and something clicked. I know it sounds cheesy, but it seriously felt right. I imagine we all have things in our life that just feel good and right and a part of us, for me the cello is one of those things.

Lets set the record straight though, I'm not that good. Though I love it, I regret that the perfectionist in me has kept me from taking lessons or practicing much (if you are like me, you'll get what I mean by that). Only now am I learning to let that go and enjoy the process of learning and improving in pretty much everything in my life, flaws and all (and they are many). Anyway, once I started playing, a cello was often in the house and I got see my father play. He often played the Prelude of Suite I from Bach's Six Suites. Whenever I hear it, I think of my dad. In fact, that is the piece that my dad and I danced to on my wedding day.

I think my dad never owned his own cello for the longest time out of selflessness. You see he was a music major before serving his mission for our church, but after going back to school he realized that for him he needed to do something that he knew he could support his family with and music as we all know is risky. And cello's aren't exactly cheap (especially before cheap chinese imports, like my handy makeshift cello, were available) so it wasn't really an option to own one or to even have time to enjoy one when he was busy giving all of himself to his family. I was a senior in High School before my dad finally got one. Now I'm his 7th child, so he went a good 30 years or so without one. I was so proud of him for getting it, and he's been such a good example to me. I like to think that maybe I'm part of the reason he got it.

Now this precious instrument has come to me. I always knew it would come into my care some day, but I regret the circumstances surrounding my premature possession of it. Without going into personal details, my dad can no longer physically play and so, it comes to me. My dad even got his coda bow re-haired for me. My parents brought it when they visited a few weeks ago. I feel like I have received a part of my father. A part that is just for me. I wish I could have beautifully played Bach's Suites for him, but unfortunately its been quite awhile since I've played much. Though time and neglect have taken their toll on my skills, I've been working those weakened muscles and rebuilding calluses this past week, and its been a lot of fun. Truthfully, I've never been able to play Bach's Suites, but I hope soon I will be able to. (Practicing for the first time in my life :))

I'm not very good at articulating myself both speaking and in writing, but if, Dad, you ever read this... thank you. I am honored. I love you. -Maegan