Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Speaking of Jack...

The last few days I've been keeping a running list of "Jack's words" since he seems to be picking up a new word daily now. He's always been a really good communicator and we've been really quite blown away by his speaking and its clarity. He repeats most of what we tell me really well.

The best is when we overhear Elyette, of whom clarity is not one of her many strengths :), getting Jack to repeat words. "Jack say 'fow'-'wa' (flower)...good" and he repeats just as she asks. :). His favorite sounds are G, L, K and S and of course, speaks jibber jabber all day long. You can often tell what he means by his "tone of voice" :). Without further ado, here are the words/phrases Jack uses regularly without coaching as of March 22, 2009, in no particular order:

Thank you- I think I'll be able to add "please" the list too in a few days.
Cinderella- This would be one of your first words if you lived with Elyette too.
Oh No Look- hahaha, I love the way he says this... so concerned.
"D"- said in reference to any letter he sees (his sister is trying to teach him the alphabet).
Mine- not our favorite
Help- said in a pathetic, weepy little voice that is irresistible :).

No, make that NO!
Doggy- most of his favored stuffed animals get this name, if fact I hear him called for "doggie" from his bed right now.
Elyette- its really hard to tell he's saying this one, but I think I'm starting to catch on that he says it all time.
Papa- Grampa
Mama- Gramma
Airplane- when he hears a plane he looks up and say "uh oh", its kinda funny. He says "Au pain" a lot of the time too
Umbrella- again, if you lived with Elyette, you'd know this one.
Nuh Night
Bub Bye or Bye
Uh Oh
Oops or Oopsies
Ouch- said quietly under his breath much of the time (like "outs"). Also pretty funny.
Ow- said much like "ouch", but mostly used when daddy if rough housing with him :).
Amen- with a lot of zeal!
All gone- with hands out, of course.
Car- used interchangably with "truck"
Tigger- Eeyore is sometimes said, but he usually has to be reminded what to call Eeyore.
sometimes says and means Milk.
Yes- not often used
Yeah- used OFTEN, with much enthusiasm.
K- if you end a statement/question in "Ok" he will always respond "K".
Where are you- used mostly when watching for daddy at night.
Here ya go
Cool- he thinks he is pretty cool too.
Stinky- while pinching his nose. He started using this one really soon thanks to pooping at least 4 times a day :P.
Nose- he's pretty good at picking it.
whoa :)
Two, Three- always skips "one"
Banana- he loves them

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Elyette's Quilt

This is an overdue post since Elyette graduated from toddler bed to big girl bed mid January, but I've failed to get a good final picture of it, but this will have to do. I bought the fabric way back in June 2008. I didn't know what pattern scheme I wanted at the time so I didn't know just how much of each to get. You can tell I've NEVER done quilting before so I way over did it. Extra is always welcome though.

I was really freaked out at first because I was finishing the quilt by our energy bulbs (that give that green hue to everything) and thought I HATED IT, but thank goodness I saw it by natural light the next day and it grew on me again... big relief.

Anyway, so here's what I have to say about quilting :). For all those that keep saying, "oh, I can only do straight lines, I can't do clothes..." etc. BULL! I've pieced things before, but nothing this big. Its far from perfect. Quilting, in my opinion, requires much more precision, exactness, and patience than clothing and if you flub it up, its less forgiving. I also cheated and just used buttons in the small squares to dart it down. There was NO way I was going to attempt sewing each piece down or do a free hand pattern or anything like that.

While I enjoyed watching it come together, quilting's just not for me (at this point in my sewing exploration). I think mostly because I'm an instant result kind of gal. Working on anything little by little is hard for me. I want to see the result in a matter of days not weeks/months. So to all those with so much more perseverance and patience for fine crafts than myself, my hat goes off to you!

I will say that quilting did help me pick up several technique's and tricks that have been super valuable in making my ideas actually work out into reality, even if they aren't quilts ;).

Monday, March 16, 2009

He's Well Read.

Like many of us do, Jack likes to read in his bed so we always allow him to have a few books in bed, but this is just ridiculous! :)

The explanation: He simply was reaching for them last night so Elyette helped him out :). With 37 books! How someone can sleep with all those is a mystery to me.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Third Generation Cellist?

If a violin counts as a cello for a 3 year old :)It's in her blood...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New song

It's been quite some time since I put a song up here. That is because it's been quite some time since I've recorded a new song. Well, this week the wife and wads were out of town, so I pretty much parked myself in front of the computer and recorded this song all weekend. It will eventually be completely re-recorded, but I think the recording quality of this is good enough to show. Oh well, at least I was proud of the fact that starting from scratch, I got the song done in four days. I don't expect that to happen again for a while.

There is one spot where the guitars and bass just stop for a couple measures and the drums play on their lonesome. I couldn't for the life of me think of a good riff to put there, so I'll fill it in later if something good ever comes to me.

Now to find someone who can sing. Hmmmm.