Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Elyette's Quilt

This is an overdue post since Elyette graduated from toddler bed to big girl bed mid January, but I've failed to get a good final picture of it, but this will have to do. I bought the fabric way back in June 2008. I didn't know what pattern scheme I wanted at the time so I didn't know just how much of each to get. You can tell I've NEVER done quilting before so I way over did it. Extra is always welcome though.

I was really freaked out at first because I was finishing the quilt by our energy bulbs (that give that green hue to everything) and thought I HATED IT, but thank goodness I saw it by natural light the next day and it grew on me again... big relief.

Anyway, so here's what I have to say about quilting :). For all those that keep saying, "oh, I can only do straight lines, I can't do clothes..." etc. BULL! I've pieced things before, but nothing this big. Its far from perfect. Quilting, in my opinion, requires much more precision, exactness, and patience than clothing and if you flub it up, its less forgiving. I also cheated and just used buttons in the small squares to dart it down. There was NO way I was going to attempt sewing each piece down or do a free hand pattern or anything like that.

While I enjoyed watching it come together, quilting's just not for me (at this point in my sewing exploration). I think mostly because I'm an instant result kind of gal. Working on anything little by little is hard for me. I want to see the result in a matter of days not weeks/months. So to all those with so much more perseverance and patience for fine crafts than myself, my hat goes off to you!

I will say that quilting did help me pick up several technique's and tricks that have been super valuable in making my ideas actually work out into reality, even if they aren't quilts ;).


The Brymers said...

This turned out way cute! I've never attempted quilting because I struggle with the same "instant result" thing. Now I feel torn, because yours turned out so cute I want to try it, but your description of the process scares me a little. Meh...I'll try it someday. Cake decorating is my big thing now.

Erin said...

So cute! My mom is a huge quilter and I have seen (and personally experienced) how tough they can be. I think it looks fantastic and it looks like Elyette loves it, too.

Brittany said...

That quilt is so cute! You always amaze me with all your sewing projects! It makes me want to learn how to sew, but I'm not really the creative type.

Melissapher said...

Sweet quilt!! That looks so sophisticated and fun for a little girl.

I think I was with you when we went to get those fabrics. So was Carrie Hellewell. Oh wow, that was a while ago.

Carrie Hellewell said...

I do remember buying that fabric with you at Eddie's. I miss that place! The quilt is beautiful! You did such a good job.