Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Speaking of Jack...

The last few days I've been keeping a running list of "Jack's words" since he seems to be picking up a new word daily now. He's always been a really good communicator and we've been really quite blown away by his speaking and its clarity. He repeats most of what we tell me really well.

The best is when we overhear Elyette, of whom clarity is not one of her many strengths :), getting Jack to repeat words. "Jack say 'fow'-'wa' (flower)...good" and he repeats just as she asks. :). His favorite sounds are G, L, K and S and of course, speaks jibber jabber all day long. You can often tell what he means by his "tone of voice" :). Without further ado, here are the words/phrases Jack uses regularly without coaching as of March 22, 2009, in no particular order:

Thank you- I think I'll be able to add "please" the list too in a few days.
Cinderella- This would be one of your first words if you lived with Elyette too.
Oh No Look- hahaha, I love the way he says this... so concerned.
"D"- said in reference to any letter he sees (his sister is trying to teach him the alphabet).
Mine- not our favorite
Help- said in a pathetic, weepy little voice that is irresistible :).

No, make that NO!
Doggy- most of his favored stuffed animals get this name, if fact I hear him called for "doggie" from his bed right now.
Elyette- its really hard to tell he's saying this one, but I think I'm starting to catch on that he says it all time.
Papa- Grampa
Mama- Gramma
Airplane- when he hears a plane he looks up and say "uh oh", its kinda funny. He says "Au pain" a lot of the time too
Umbrella- again, if you lived with Elyette, you'd know this one.
Nuh Night
Bub Bye or Bye
Uh Oh
Oops or Oopsies
Ouch- said quietly under his breath much of the time (like "outs"). Also pretty funny.
Ow- said much like "ouch", but mostly used when daddy if rough housing with him :).
Amen- with a lot of zeal!
All gone- with hands out, of course.
Car- used interchangably with "truck"
Tigger- Eeyore is sometimes said, but he usually has to be reminded what to call Eeyore.
sometimes says and means Milk.
Yes- not often used
Yeah- used OFTEN, with much enthusiasm.
K- if you end a statement/question in "Ok" he will always respond "K".
Where are you- used mostly when watching for daddy at night.
Here ya go
Cool- he thinks he is pretty cool too.
Stinky- while pinching his nose. He started using this one really soon thanks to pooping at least 4 times a day :P.
Nose- he's pretty good at picking it.
whoa :)
Two, Three- always skips "one"
Banana- he loves them


Gian and Andrea said...

I had to laugh at the cinderella one. Even though i don't really know ellyette, i've seen plenty of pictures to know exactly what you mean.

Renee said...

What about possum?