Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

5 Years and Counting

Ah...the days when you wooed me with songs like "George Foreman Grill" and flattered me with compliments like "your hair feels like a broom" and of course, when I kicked your butt at Rook. Good times. Here's to the even better times! I love you! Happy Anniversary!

Monday, November 16, 2009

She's 4!

Saturday, November 7th, my first born turned 4!

Before moving we celebrated in style! And how else, but a Princess Party at her highness's request. It was a great last hurrah.My crowning glory! And Elyette loves having the Polly Pockets, or "princess packages" as she calls them, to keep...I wonder how many little shoes I've vacuumed up though.

Here she is on her actually Bday:
The much coveted skates.
She was quite good at it!

Dude loves them too.
Happy Birthday Slimmy Monkey. We love you!

Friday, November 13, 2009

And We're Back!

WARNING: This is one of those boring no pic posts :)

Moving Out Day: October 30th

I first want to just say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all the people the helped us out on our moving day. It was no easy task. The day first started with our ultrasound, aside from more continued packing. That was a great quite and magical moment that I only wish we could have dwelt on longer, but alas, LIFE.

After that we went to go pick up our Uhaul. Apparently we were never told where to actually pick it up, cause we went to the wrong one. Once we pulled up to the right location, I saw the truck. The TINY truck and about had a heart attack! We know for next time that when they say 17' they mean from the front of the truck overhang thing (it was 14' in truth). Not that 17' was even big enough anyway. We have a lot of junk :).

Long story short we started loading and I must say I was seriously impressed with the effeciency those guys packed that thing. Like and very skilled game of tetris. After about an hour and half of packing I knew there was NO way it would all fit so we called Uhaul and had to pick up a second 10' truck. Which, though with little- no effeciency, we still filled! Thanks to Boz's brother Evan who drove the second truck for us (the biggest thanks from me, since I really wasn't looking forward getting a hitch for our car and driving it myself). There were a lot of people that really stuck it out with us and we are really really grateful and miss you all in MP!

Moving In Day: October 31st

Went more smoothly :). We were only a half hour late getting out and made good time getting to Clovis to meet our landlord, etc. We were blessed to have lots of family on this end to help us move in. And the kids were ANGEL's that day. They were so excited and just played and explored the whole day. It was great. And of course it was Halloween so we ended the day with a Halloween party that Boz's Grandma Rae's local church ward threw and some trick or treating to our new neighbors. It was a good day.

Since then...

We LOVE IT! Last week it was in the 80's here and I admit I was freaking out a little since its NOVEMBER and I'm already trying to brace myselfl for the HOT summers, but it cooled off this week and I really have no complaints. We all LOVE our new house (pics will come when I get to that :)), especially all the SPACE we all get (including all 2 truck loads of our junk). The house we are renting is twice the size of our apartment, plus a garage and a yard, etc. oh and its CHEAPER. Yeah, can't complain there. The kids have their own rooms and we the bonus is a play room. Its great! New places are always fun to "play house" in and put rooms together or at least dream of how to put some rooms together (all in good time :)).

We love the area too. There is a park across the street and several good ones nearby. Elyette elementary school next year is up a block and across from that is our LDS Church Building! Oh and there's a Target 2 blocks down. What more could a girl ask for :). Boz is only 15 minutes from work now and we get to see him in the morning and have had lunch with him twice!!! We of course LOVE seeing more of him. And I can't speak for him, but he seems rather content at Pelco too. People of very friendly and its been really fun to have Boz's family so close. And I REALLY truly mean that :). I've loved it! - A plug in to my family: We have LOTS more room for accommodations, so hurry up and visit!- That invitation goes for all!

Thank you all for your love and support!!!

- a very happy Millar family