Monday, May 24, 2010

2 month stats

Charlotte Nichole
2 months:

weight: 10 lbs 8 oz (50%)
height: 22.5 inches (50%)
head: 39cm (50%)

My perfectly proportioned baby... so far. She's certainly thriving. Couldn't you just eat her?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

Viewer Discretion Advised

Here's what you get when a little girl observes her mother nursing:
(Elyette, 2 years old, when Jack was 2 months old)

Here's what you get when a little boy observes his mother nursing:

Friday, May 7, 2010

True Nature

So the photos from the previous post are rather deceiving. When snapping shots of the kids, this is more of what we REALLY got...

Can you say "VOGUE"

This is probably my favorite

Don't mess with Charlotte!

or Jack.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Easter Ensembles

K, time to share this years Easter/Spring ensembles. Rather after the fact, yes... especially since I made them BEFORE Charlotte's arrival (unlike my amazing sister, Elisa, who made her 3 daughters' Easter dresses right AFTER the arrival of her 4th daughter last year!)

Up first:

- Cotton tie: Adapted from a pattern found at Ottobre Design (scroll through the pic to find the necktie- this tie is rather narrow and only big enough for a baby boy I think, so Jacks is a wider, longer version, but the method the same)
- Daddy got a matching tie from the scraps (Not pictured, sorry- used an old tie as my pattern and swiped the interfacing from it too). BOZ's request, NOT mine. I'm a dork, but not so dorky I'd expect my husband to wear a matching clown tie with his son. They looked cute though.

As always, she was the inspiration for all of their Easter digs. "Twirlability" is a must and she wanted Aqua blue, so that, cream and peach were my color palette. Ridiculous ruffles is what we ended up with :)

Ruffle Dress
: So basically I have this one simplicty pattern (#2989) I almost always as my "base" (like for this, this, and this dress), so of course I used it again, with adaptations of course. I love the fabrics I found to use. The blue is a swiss dot with embroidered ends and the floral is a larger swiss dot. Love the textures.

: Again used the bodice of that simp pattern to get the size right and winged it from there

Flower headband
: These flowers were fun and EASY. Maybe I'll have to do a tutorial for them sometime.
I was excited that this actually fit her! And I went all out, complete with bloomers and booties (that of course always fall off)

Slim Jr. Dress
: Adapted from another basic simplicity pattern (pattern included bloomers-sorry couldn't find it online anymore for a link)

Flower headband: Same as Elyette's. I made the flowers, added beads and attached to an existing headband of stretch lace (anyway know where I can find some of that stretchy lace?)

: Made from Heather Bailey's bitty booty pattern.