Monday, May 24, 2010

2 month stats

Charlotte Nichole
2 months:

weight: 10 lbs 8 oz (50%)
height: 22.5 inches (50%)
head: 39cm (50%)

My perfectly proportioned baby... so far. She's certainly thriving. Couldn't you just eat her?


Elisa said...

You do just want to eat them huh? I eat Julia all the time, is that wierd? She loves it and just laughs and laughs.

Marissa Stam said...

She is so cute, and very characteristic already! Can not wait to meet her :)

maegan said...

Not weird at all...for us anyway. Elyette and I snack on Charlotte at least a few times a day.

Erin said...

What a sweet baby! My sister named her little girl Charlotte, too! We love that name!