Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why do you blog?

Clearly, you can see that "blogging" has not been a new years resolution for me. I'm lacking passion in blogging and need some motivation (not to mention, it BADLY needs a make over). Any desire to post has been fading in the past year.

I don't think I want to give it up altogether. Its the only type of "journaling" I've ever been any good at keeping up (and thats not saying a lot). I could say its a great thing for "the grandmas", but really they rarely visit if ever :).

It use to be a good way for me to motivate myself to try new things, but my creative focus has shifted to just those "things" and not blogging. I think also there has always been some distant thought that maybe, just maybe if I finally start selling (on or something) it'd be a good way to generate interest/fans, sprout a businees... but I think all hope/desire of that is fading with the blogging. :)

So why blog? Help me out of my funk. Why do you blog?

10 Months

Picture taken 1/23/11

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Handmade Holidays 2010

With more limited time this year (that or a lack of motivation to pull several 2am evenings again) and dividing my sewing and "creative" attention elsewhere, Christmas 2010 was not at all as grand as 2009 and the dress-ups, but still enjoyable. And I got a bit more sleep.

Christmas PJ's:
More PJ's:
Chocolate Plate: Done in Vinyl
Poopy Clutch and Nursing Cover:
For an expecting momma, of course

Postcard Set:
I converted some drawings of Jack and Elyette's into 4x6 photos and mounted them to some postcard backing purchased here.

Animal Pillows:
For Charlotte: Made from terry cloth and flannel scraps. All I had to buy were the felt buttons. Elyette helped me stuff them.

She also did some of her own handmade gifts:

Busy making fleece scarves entirely by herself (oh and bead necklaces).

Dr. Kit:

This one is my favorite. I've wanted a Dr. Kit for the kids but not willing to fork out for those plastic kits. I wanted a real working stethoscope for them. So I got a pediatric blood pressure cuff with a stethoscope for $15 on ebay. Got Some bandaid, ace wrap, etc. Made a bag out of felt (lined with felt to, so nice and sturdy) on hand and viola! Dr. Kit for less than $20.

K, I think thats it. Hope all had a great Christmas!