Monday, January 11, 2010

2010 -- and Handmade Holidays 2009

So I can't decide if I want to say "Two thousand ten" or "twenty ten"...hmmm... Anyway, Happy New Year Everyone! And I hope all had a Merry Christmas! So clearly blogging isn't yet on my resolution list, but hey better late than never. We had a blast this Christmas.
Jack seeing Santa arrive on Christmas Eve.
We went up to Boz's parents (who are now very close to us) where we get lucky cause Santa always visit Christmas Eve with some PJ's for the kids.
They loved it. Of course we all loved every minute of Christmas. We did lots of vegging, eating, playing, eating, watching movies, and did I mention EATING! Yeah, um, the Holidays are not good to a pregnant woman who can clearly not control herself and there is no working it off for this chubby lady, just getting rounder. Oh well, pregnancy doesn't look good on me, such is life. At least I get some cuties to show for it :).
This year in the "handmade Christmas" department we made PJ's, robes, monogrammed totes, personalized notebooks and popcorn bowls, screened tee's, including another awesome T-shirt with the recipients face on it (this time we did Boz's brother Ray :)) done by Boz (sorry, not pictured...)
We got the kids an art easel and whipped up some smocks to go with (interested in a tutorial anyone?). Unfortunately, some chalk cloth fabric I ordered to make a splat mat (to go under the easel didn't come in time, so that's one of this weeks projects. This was probably one of my favorites. We made etched glass ornaments of the kids' silhouettes for the grandparents (and of course a set for ourselves). Let me know if anyone is interested in a how-to tutorial for these! I did intend to do one for a "homemade for the holidays" post, but of course ran out of time.

Can I just say how fun it is to come up with and execute handmade Christmas gifts! The best is that Boz does it with me! I don't know what I'd do with out him. His photoshop skills are VERY handy and I've been really wanting us to get into carpentry stuff and now that we have a garage we really can! Plus we discovered that tools aren't nearly as costly as we thought. Boz is becoming quite the wood worker and much to my pleasure, HE LOVES IT.
This year he made my dreams come true :). I've been dying to make a set of costumes/dress-ups for the kids and asked Boz if he'd make a trunk to hold them. He did a beautiful job ( shhhhhh, Santa brought this ;).) and I'm very excited about future projects he already has in mind.

And the kids and I had a fun little photo-shoot today (finally got some sun!) with the dress-ups this elf made, so be warned of a post coming :).


Mike and Laura said...

Yes on all the tutorials! I LOVE what you did....everything looks awesome! Happy New Year!

Tina and Dan said...

Bring on any and all tutorials! I love it! Everything looks great!

Marissa Stam said...

I say twenty ten so far, its faster. I cant wait to start having kids, I've already got projects in mind. :) and SOON we need to start our business. These all look great Maegan! I wish I had a garage myself. We've got some fun tools though, cause thats what carson asks for from his mom, so that collection is in progress. You are so creative! Oh and by the way, I am really really thinking up a trip to see you and my friend jennifer this summer. yes? (probably just me, so you'll still get that unmarried little sister feel :) )

Kate Nally said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post tutorials on pretty much anything you make :) I love it all!

Elisa said...

Yeah, I need the tutorials. I love all of your ideas and maybe someday I will find time to copy you. You are amazing Maegan, I don't know how you do it all. I really want to make a dress up chest for my kids. Can you give me a tutorial on that especially! Love you!!!!!!

Gian and Andrea said...

wow...!!!!!!! [applause coming from my house].

Rebecca said...

Love your stuff! I for one would love to learn how to make those ornaments! We love to make those for Christmas presents.