Thursday, December 17, 2009

One of Those Days

You're looking at what use to be a pumpkin pie. The hard work of 2 diligent and helpful little kids and their mommy in an effort to feed the missionaries. It was all done and beginning to cool when this mommy felt that is wasn't quite "set" yet. So, it'd be a good idea to pop in back in the oven for a few, right? WRONG!

Now I'm not the most graceful creatures as it is, but seriously, pregnancy releases the Urkel beast in me. I wish I could blame it on say extra weight, or change in center of gravity, etc. but the truth is clumsiness strikes right from the get go. Its rather annoying... Anyone else have this problem?


Gian and Andrea said...

awww shucks, what a bummer.

Tina and Dan said...

Yes! Whole walls in our house move, just for me to bang a hip or shoulder on them, and I drop EVERYTHING - and with our stone floors there is little hope of anything even remotely breakable surviving. I've lost almost a complete set of cups now! These are just a few of the many - and I had issues before!

Grant and Sarah said...


I totally understand and I totally get frustrated when it happens. I also have the crazy hormones going around and yes, sometimes when I've messed up again, I just want to swear. I don't, but I really want to.

Anywho, I miss you, and think it's amazing what you do with your kids, they are so lucky to have you. I want to see some pictures of the home, please put some on your blog.

I'm sick right now, but as soon as I get better I'll update my blog. Good luck with the pregnancy.


Anonymous said...

Funny! Hope it still tasted good. yep, I know all about clumsiness. Like tripping over little cracks.