Thursday, December 10, 2009

Crook Family Sealing

I don't think I have a very wide blog audience, but for those that may not know, I belong to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. And a central belief of ours is that families are forever. That through righteous living we can have our family with us always, through this life and the next into the eternities. The first step is being sealed to our spouse in our Temples. On December 5th, we were able to go up to Washington to see my sister Stephanie and her husband, Scott, be sealed together and to their children, Kaytee (9) and Dawson (7). It was incredibly special that ALL of my siblings (thanks Jacob for surprising us :)) and parents were there in that sealing room together for the first time ever. It was also a neat opportunity to explain to Elyette what was going on. That she and Jack (and her baby sister to-be, as Elyette pointed out) were born sealed to mom and dad and now Kaytee and Dawson get to be sealed to their mommy and daddy.
I've had the honor of attending a few sealing ceremony. Most of them being ceremonies where the couple was just newly getting married too. Its always sweet to see a newlywed couple there, but seeing Stephanie and Scott, taking this step together on their 11th anniversary was different. There was a strong love and bond shared by a couple that has been through so many ups and downs together already. I can't really explain it, but it was very cool. Another element that really choked us all up was when they brought Kaytee and Dawson in to be sealed to their parents. It just felt complete with their presence. Ah, what can I say, we love those Crooks :)! Congrats guys! Here's to Eternity!
(haha, this is the closest we got to a family pic. Cracks me up. Anyone else have a good one?)

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