Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stink Stats

Can I just say, I LOVE THIS AGE! Seriously, she is soooo stinking fun. The best part is that she learned how to sit on her own without support (or pillow behind her) a few weeks ago, which makes life bliss! :)- She can sit and play happily for quite sometime, WITHOUT wondering off and getting into stuff.

AND it makes from some pretty cute pics:
I could eat her!

So here's the 6 month check up stats:

Weight: 15lbs 1 oz (25-50%)
Height: 25 3/4 inches (50%)
Head: 43 1/2 cm (75%)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Summer Recap

You might think this post is WAY too late, but considering its 102^F here today, I'm still feeling summer... without all the perks though (vacation, swimming,), sigh.

Anyway, enough about that blasted heat. Here's the good stuff:


June- Swimming Lessons
Jack and Elyette got took 6 private lesson at the Jan Thomas Swim school. Its a pretty awesome method of teaching that first teaches kids how to basically "survive" in the water and then learn strokes. The kids learn to roll over to get a breathe when they need it and swim to the wall, etc.

They did great! Jack has always been really comfortable in the water and willing dunks himself, so he loved it but we didn't do the full 10 lessons they reccomend, which ultimately resulted in him being WAY to comfortable and confident in the water. More than once he had to be "saved"- twice his rescuers were fully clothed (His uncle Luke once and myself another time)
July-The Beach! We'll have to work on that...

Elyette was a pro. She had the technique swimming and getting a breath down in 4 lessons. She was pretty awesome to watch this summer. We honestly and truly didn't have to worry about her in the water at all. Of course we kept an eye on her, as with any age swimmer, but she would just jump into the deep end, play around, get a breath with ease and swim to the wall when ready to do it all again. It's been great!

- Beach trip Santa Cruz-- ALWAYS relaxing and fun!

- Smith Family Reunion (My family).
Got to see my parents, my 8 siblings and their families (minus my oldest nephew, Nate). Thus I got to meet nephew, Lazarus (Jacob's newest, who was almost a year old) and my niece, Sarah (2 months- Jennie's newest). It was also everyone's first time meeting Charlotte (aside from my parents). Boy, was she held and spoiled constantly.
(Mom and Dad and their posterity)

We went to Heber Vally Camp in Utah. Its a pretty new girls camp spot that was really cool. We we're really roughing it at all. The "yurts" we're cool, and we did obstacle course. Boz, Jack, Elyette and I did the "giant swing". They harness you up and pull you up to the tree tops and let you fly. It was pretty cool (and a good tummy tosser).

It was a GREAT end to our summer!

So playing in the ocean and sand, swimming, camping, seeing LOTS of family, swimming, Disneyland, watching free movies at theater weekly, eating otter pops, swimming, staying up late, making chocolate dipped frozen bananas (a LOT of them, mmm), visiting the library and reading books, and let see.... SWIMMING. It was a great summer.

And now I'm ready for some "fall" weather...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Half Birthday

6 months old today!
How she's grown:
5 months

4 months

3 months

2 months

1 month

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dude's Big Week

It all started with the Jackster turning 3!
Look at that grin.
How could you not with all the spoiling that went on around here? And I do mean spoiling! Many late nights, or more like early mornings, where spent to spoil him. Really though, it was about time he was the recipient of mom and dad's work.
First, we transformed Jack's room as he slept the night before his bday, in honor of the big move from toddler bed to "big boy" bed. Although its still just a mattress on the floor, thus, Dude doesn't consider it "big" yet. Guess he can't get much air jumping off... poor kid. And I'm so going to share how the cityscape was done, so you've been warned!
Stink likes the bean bag chair.

Then we set up and filled a sandbox Boz made. I know, he's getting so handy- I LOVE IT.And that night he got to party with grandma, grandpa and uncle Sam. And yes... the cake is pink. I couldn't get the strawberry ice cream any more red without sacrificing flavor. An unwilling trade.

And oh yes, how can I forget... The one thing he kept saying he wanted was "black spider-man pajamas". Momma delivered :). Sorry, I'm gloating, but I'm pretty excited that they actually turned out.Made from a soft jersey knit, I top stitched the web design on the chest. Appliqued a spider (made from an old grey T-shirt).And by Boz's request - a hood, complete with eye holes . A bit snug for the big dude.

Mid-week Jack got to start preschool! Co-op with a few other mommies.
Future Preschoolers :).
Would you believe these cute little twins are only a week older than Charlotte? My petite Stink.
And we got to end the week with a BANG! Jack celebrated his bday again with friends, Toy Story style. We had a blast!Heck, I had a blast... and now I'm ready to get some more sleep :).Happy Birthday my little dude. I sure love you.