Monday, June 7, 2010

Disney Report

DISNEYLAND that is!!! Are we spoiled?...YES! Especially Miss Charlotte. How many kids do you know that get to go at just 8 weeks old :). Ha, it really was a blast.

Elyette's favorites:

Soaring Over California (she was really enchanted by this. It absolutely was a real for her)
Haunted Mansion (she loved the dancing ghosts and the widow bride- naturally)
Space Mountain
Tower of Terror ( Yes, folks... she's tall enough and went 3 times! She's a maniac)
Cotton Candy
Minnie Mouse
The Princesses (of course)

Jack's Favorites:

Matterhorn (so he says- he had his eyes closed every time :))
Pirates of the Caribbean
Winnie the Pooh ride (calls it the bee ride)
His Mickey ears (still wears them daily)
WOODY! (He was really excited to see him)
Snow White (He didn't care for the other princesses much, but he sure blushed for her)

Charlotte's Favorites:

Being held ALL DAY! (via front pack or sling)
I think Disneyland is almost more fun as a parent. Its seriously the best to watch your kids take in the magic. Elyette and I decided we want to live there!


*Meg Larsen* said...

we're taking Scotty next week and I'm so excited! probably more than he is :o)

Gian and Andrea said...

so cute. I love the pic collages. I'm always amazed when little kids love roller coasters.