Wednesday, February 23, 2011

11 Months Old

And as wiggly as ever. Here is the only pic I got of her sitting:

Tackling that bear down!
Who's bigger now? huh, huh?
Watch out world!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rain or Shine

Last week was BEAUTIFUL. Sunny, warm, perfect for lots of this:
Elyette is a pro now at riding "with pedals and no training wheels" as she will tell you. We tried the no training wheels and no pedals method of learning to ride a bike.
(I'm lovin' the look of determination on her face)
Basically the idea is they get a feel for balance while scooting around on the pedal-less bike before. After a few days of "scooting", the pedals went back on and she was a die hard at practicing (reaching 2+ hours at the park before I had to force our departure). Not to mention I reached a new level of one-handed (baby on the hip) abilities while helping her learn. Charlotte was a good sport about playing on the grass too to free up my hands from time to time.
(hello Fabio. rrrowr)
I can't say whether or not I thought the "scooting" helped that much, because I have no "control" to compare too. I think it may have helped a little, but I also think it got her into some bad habits, like putting her feet in front of the pedals and not using the breaks to stop... both dangerous habits she had to "un-learn". All the same, she rides now and its fun for us to all bike to school now (well, I jog with the stroller- Any adult women bike recommendations? I'm dying to get one since our last was stolen).

We didn't bike to school today. Since more appropriate February weather set in. It poured this morning:

I loved it. So did the kids :)- this was during breakfast at about 7:45am. We just had to take advantage instantly.
I admit I got a rather homesick for my northwest though, even before it dumped :). I think there's something about that smell of pending rain.

Ah... well anyway, LIFE IS GOOD... rain OR shine!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Elyette's Butterfly Valentines

I asked Elyette if she'd like to get/buy or make her valentines for her 27 classmates for their Valentine's Day party, and she immediately exclaimed "MAKE". I was actually a little surprised. I expected her to want some sort of Disney princess valentines with tattoos or something, but no, she was MUCH more excited at the prospect of making them.

So, we did our research to find something that fit her abilities and wouldn't require supplies we didn't already have hand. These butterflies from Family Fun fit the bill. Even dude made some!

So, if you are making valentines with the kids this weekend try these:

Butterfly Valentine's
-our adaptation

- Cardstock or construction paper
- finger paint (or other embellishments)
-pipe cleaners
-Any stick candy, pencils, etc.

STEP 1: Cut out
Fold your cardstock in half "hot dog" style. Draw a heart like shape for the wings
and cut it out*.
In the center on the fold cut 2 slits 1/4 - 1/2 inch apart (for where the candy/pencils will go).
*If you don't want to free hand it, family fun has this template.

STEP 2: Embellish
Add embellishment to the wings. Color with crayons, sticker, glitter...
Elyette fingerpainted dots on her wings.

STEP 3: Insert Candy
Or pencil, or whatever it is you'd like. We happened to have these "sweet sticks" from Trader Joes as left overs from a friend's baby shower. I do think some valentines pencils would be great though. Non sugary options are always nice. Oh and we did tape ours in place to secure them.

STEP 4: Twist on Piper Cleaner Attennas
We twisted ours around twice and spiraled them.
Elyette did this 100% herself. Ok, well I did draw on the shape for her to cut out, but she did all the cutting (all 27, 28 actually in one evening- I was impressed), painting, assembling and spiraling herself. She's was awesome! And they look super cute.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Look

Many thanks for all the great feedback about blogging. Next step to further motivate: a Blog FACE LIFT. Thats in the works as you can see. Great art work eh? I love her signature long necks and big hands (got to fit all 5 fingers on there). My flesh colored skirt is pretty awesome too. :)

On another note, Elyette's celebrated her 100th day of school today! (I quite enjoyed this piece of school work from it)
Ha...Me too, babe. Me too.