Friday, February 11, 2011

Elyette's Butterfly Valentines

I asked Elyette if she'd like to get/buy or make her valentines for her 27 classmates for their Valentine's Day party, and she immediately exclaimed "MAKE". I was actually a little surprised. I expected her to want some sort of Disney princess valentines with tattoos or something, but no, she was MUCH more excited at the prospect of making them.

So, we did our research to find something that fit her abilities and wouldn't require supplies we didn't already have hand. These butterflies from Family Fun fit the bill. Even dude made some!

So, if you are making valentines with the kids this weekend try these:

Butterfly Valentine's
-our adaptation

- Cardstock or construction paper
- finger paint (or other embellishments)
-pipe cleaners
-Any stick candy, pencils, etc.

STEP 1: Cut out
Fold your cardstock in half "hot dog" style. Draw a heart like shape for the wings
and cut it out*.
In the center on the fold cut 2 slits 1/4 - 1/2 inch apart (for where the candy/pencils will go).
*If you don't want to free hand it, family fun has this template.

STEP 2: Embellish
Add embellishment to the wings. Color with crayons, sticker, glitter...
Elyette fingerpainted dots on her wings.

STEP 3: Insert Candy
Or pencil, or whatever it is you'd like. We happened to have these "sweet sticks" from Trader Joes as left overs from a friend's baby shower. I do think some valentines pencils would be great though. Non sugary options are always nice. Oh and we did tape ours in place to secure them.

STEP 4: Twist on Piper Cleaner Attennas
We twisted ours around twice and spiraled them.
Elyette did this 100% herself. Ok, well I did draw on the shape for her to cut out, but she did all the cutting (all 27, 28 actually in one evening- I was impressed), painting, assembling and spiraling herself. She's was awesome! And they look super cute.


brooke said...

Too cute!! I wish I would have seen this sooner. We would have used your idea for sure. I hope Elyette is having a fun Valentine's party at school. Miss you guys.

These would be a cute party favor too!

heather said...

Those are AWESOME!! I am SO making some next year!