Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why do you blog?

Clearly, you can see that "blogging" has not been a new years resolution for me. I'm lacking passion in blogging and need some motivation (not to mention, it BADLY needs a make over). Any desire to post has been fading in the past year.

I don't think I want to give it up altogether. Its the only type of "journaling" I've ever been any good at keeping up (and thats not saying a lot). I could say its a great thing for "the grandmas", but really they rarely visit if ever :).

It use to be a good way for me to motivate myself to try new things, but my creative focus has shifted to just those "things" and not blogging. I think also there has always been some distant thought that maybe, just maybe if I finally start selling (on or something) it'd be a good way to generate interest/fans, sprout a businees... but I think all hope/desire of that is fading with the blogging. :)

So why blog? Help me out of my funk. Why do you blog?


Deanna said...

The main reason I blog is to record my family's history. I plan to print them out yearly (uh, still haven't done that though) and use it as a visual representation of what we've done as a family that year.

It's also good as a baby scrapbook for the kids (keeping track of milestones, first words, etc). I don't scrapbook, my blog is my scrapbook.

I also blog because I like to write. I'm not a great writer, so it helps me "practice" something I want to get better at.

It can also be a good medium to vent about something while gathering advice/ideas from friends/family on a topic that is distressing you.

Hope that helps. I like your blog!

SSToone said...

I like to record our events! I like showing people what dumb things we're up to because I love seeing the dumb things everyone else is up to too! I like having that interaction and feedback from people. I am not great at it but I like the accomplishment once I've done it and the fact that I recorded it. Then you can go and make a blog book (which I've yet to do) and have an "instant" scrapbook.

I like it when you do blog! :)

Heather said...

A couple reasons:
To remember things that have happened in our lives. I like looking back at old posts occasionally.
We don't live near any family and many of our close friends. It's an easy way for them to see what's going on.

I will say I am terrible at staying on top of it. Gracie's sleeping in the office these days, so free time does not equal computer time at the moment. Also I love that a lot of our friends have blogs, so I can see what they've been up to (and that includes you guys).

Marissa Stam said...

You should hear mom talking about her friends who have looked at your blog and tell her how wonderful and creative her daughter is.

I don't blog very much and I have a hard time doing so, much like your funk. I think it is a nice way of keeping a family history, unintentionally. I haven't written in my journal since before Carson and I got engaged, but I have blogged. Although it isn't as personal and intimate, as I should write down for future generations, it will at least trigger memories and feelings so I can write them later.

I love seeing what other people are up to especially because I am horrible at calling and bugging people to see how they are. Goodness knows with how busy we all are we tell each other more than in 10 minutes of reading a blog than we would have in a 10 minutes phone conversation. I am not saying we shouldnt talk on the phone, I just think we would talk about different things such as ideas, thoughts and epiphanies (just talking) rather than talking about what you made, elyette cut her hair etc. Because honestly I think most normal people tend to space those things when talking to someone on the phone for the first time in two weeks.

I hope that helps. I love you so much and can not wait to see you.

brooke said...

Keep blogging so we can see your cute kids. I stink at it lately too. Also, you should definitely start an selling stuff on etsy!

Lauren said...

Umm, I completely agree with that last comment. You are such a creative amazingly talented person who could and SHOULD sell what you create. I was only half joking what I said at the baby shower :) You are just that amazing! Please keep blogging, because your sewing and other crafty ideas inspire me and I'm sure others as well. Plus your kids are pretty darn cute!

Debbie said...

Don't stop!! I love reading your blogs. I use it as a quick fix when I am missing your babies. I agree that you should print the pages and make a book. That would be a great keepsake for your family.
Call me tomorrow if you can. Love you!

Rebecca said...

Hey Maegan! I love blogging -- even though I never have anything profound or useful to say :) -- partly because it is a great way to record what the kids are doing, etc, but I also love reading other people's blogs (like yours!). I feel like our old friends are still a part of our lives, and we would never know anything about them if it weren't for their blogs! That includes you guys!