Monday, November 16, 2009

She's 4!

Saturday, November 7th, my first born turned 4!

Before moving we celebrated in style! And how else, but a Princess Party at her highness's request. It was a great last hurrah.My crowning glory! And Elyette loves having the Polly Pockets, or "princess packages" as she calls them, to keep...I wonder how many little shoes I've vacuumed up though.

Here she is on her actually Bday:
The much coveted skates.
She was quite good at it!

Dude loves them too.
Happy Birthday Slimmy Monkey. We love you!


Elisa said...

Wow. You are an awesome mom!!! Look at that cake! So we have the same princess polly pockets. They are pretty stylish in their miss maching shoes. Callie saw the pictures and wants to know when we can go to your house. Love ya see you in 2 weeks!

Heindogs said...

That was an amazing party and cake! There must be something with the age because Max keeps talking about getting skates....maybe they have been talking?

Tina and Dan said...

You throw the coolest parties! I LOVE the cake and I really love the rose in the upside down vase like Beauty and the Beast! That is awesome!

Hope you guys are enjoying your new home!