Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Boz!

With a name like Boz, you can expect a unique individual. That he is. This now 26 year old is unlike any other. Its almost unfair how much time and care the Lord seemed to take in creating this amazing man. He's oozing with talent all across the spectrum from once being a gymnast to music composition. He's one of those people you want to hate because they can easily do anything they want and yet you can't help but love them. I'm inspired by Boz's fearless drive to try and do anything and encouraging me to do the same. When he's interested in something he becomes a total sponge. The best is when he tries to explain what he's learning to me in laymen's terms. He actually does a really great job at helping me understand, but often I just smile and nod, but its his excitement that I love watching.

Boz is real. He doesn't try to showcase himself as anything more or less than he is. He doesn't let who he thinks he should be or who he was get in the way of just being, which allows him to grow unrestrained. Somehow Boz has lived in this world and gotten along well with it and yet has remained untouched by it. I believe this to be one of his greatest gifts. To live "in" the world but not be "of" the world (something most all of us have to keep ourselves in check with, he does naturally). I think he also achieves true humility. He can accept a compliment without shirking it off or feeling inadequate as well as not getting puffed up or cocky. His actions are always honest and with true intent. He's extremely even tempered (a good balance for is crazy, emotional wife) which can be incredibly frustrating at times :).

He is a wonderful husband (regularly taking a beating from me or kindly listening to my opinionated verbal diarrhea) and as a father...well they don't get any better than him. He is patient and loving with his little ones, while also being firm and steadfast when they need him to be...well...with the exception of his little girl at times. She's got him wrapped around her slender little fingers! He's fun and wild and somehow musters up the energy to play with them no matter what. Its obvious how fiercely Boz adores his children. He truly is a one of a kind, amazing man. Today we celebrate you, Boz. Happy Birthday! I love you!- wife (aka: Maegan)


brooke said...

Very cute post Maegan. Boz is one of a kind. He is a perfect brother, brother in law, and uncle too!! Happy Birthday Boz.

I love that Millar gene...the even tempered one. :)

Ray said...

Happy birthday Boz. See you guys in a week or something like that.

B&DCrysler said...

I think i'm gonna puke... so mooshy!! :-) Just kidding! Isn't it great to have such an awesome husband? I have one too, we got SUPER lucky!