Friday, August 28, 2009

Carson and Marissa's Wedding

Yep, FINALLY a post... meh, better late than never. And I don't think I need to warn you that there are MANY pictures. Its a wedding post, thats to be expected ;).

The highlight of my summer was my little sister, baby of the family, Marissa, getting married June 12th to Carson Stam. Welcome to the fam Carson! Boz and I got to do her photography. Hence the reason I didn't post right away. We were editing... but now I have no excuse 'cept laziness.

More pictures here and here

one of my personal favorites!

The whole crew (Stam and Smith) at the Temple. It quickly became apparent that the 80 chairs we had set up for the reception the night before was only going to cover "us".

I think Jack enjoyed being pretty much parent-less at the temple (since mom and dad were busy snapping photos)... hey Boz, where's that pic of Dude lying in between the automatic doors?

Even better than being parent-less was having "Ria" (his cousin Zacharia) to play with. They are best buddies! Jack still "talks" about Ria.

And guess who was pretty much ALWAYS right next to the bride :)?

She was a good little flower girl.
The lovely Bridesmaids.
Daddy and his baby.
My family! sniff, sniff... Miss you guys!
Front(left to right): Elisa, Rachel, Stephanie, Mom, Marissa, Amy, Jacob, Jennie
Back (because we are the only tall ones :)): Dad, Matthew, Me
The Grandkids... haha. Classic. Poor little Julia and is that Jackie we're loosing there in bottom left?
At Las Margaritas, Missy's fave, for the Luncheon. Don't you love her dress too? She made it of course :).
I think our massive numbers overwhelmed them a bit so it was a LONG wait for half of us (we lived off chips and salsa for a while), but it was soooo worth it. The food was SO good!

-Oh and please ignore the fact that I look like crap! I did the whole day. I was a pretty busy. Didn't have time to dry my hair even, but hey the Bride looked great and I'll take some credit :). Which I'd like to mention, I got to be her hairdresser so they let me go with her and my mom to the bride's room after the sealing. That was soooo neat for me. The last time I got to be in that room, I was the bride. Didn't know I'd get that privilege again!

So can I just say the Smith's can throw a party (mom deserving ALL credit of course)!!!
Great Food!

Heck, who wouldn't want to go to wedding where the centerpieces are baskets of bread served with garlic butter and cravats of oil and vinegar?
We had a pasta bar, mmmmm. Too bad I was way to full from the Luncheon to dig in. I think Boz rather enjoyed himself though!

I did, however, non-stop nibbled on these tasty appetizers. Oh and mom, I really want that Mediterranean salsa recipe!
Italian Soda Bar-the closest to alcohol you get at a Mormon wedding :).
Classic Steph and Scott.
Love this one. (to mention dresses again, I LOVED my mom's dress!)Save this one: Boz dancing. Only for Elyette :). This is probably only 1 of 2 pics of Boz at the wedding... that's what happens when you're the one behind the camera.
We mostly enjoyed watching the kids dance (I think the boys were all in the movie room :)).
Hmmm, I think they were too nice.But my standard may be different.
We all we're pretty pooped.

It seriously was awesome! Can my frugal self just brag too on how little these HUGE shindigs come about from (k, I have some tact, so I won't give the actual $, but I bet you'd NEVER guess).

It all comes from having so much talented family!

-Of course the first to honor would be MOM! Who did it all! How many dresses did you sew mom? Not to mention the Bride's! This wedding had a LOT of sewing. Marissa did her fair share of it though. Marissa, Elisa and I spent up to the end sewing table runners :). In fact I think I was even tacking down my mom's dress for her in the car on the way to the Luncheon!
-My sisters, mom, brothers-in-law (maybe my brothers too :)) were on mad food prep duty.
-We all set up
-Melissa made the cake!!! (honorable mention here!)
-Aunt Diana arranged bouquets.
-Bruce DJed.
-Jacob MCed.
- and the list goes on...

Oh and I can't leave out my uncles' (namely Sparkie!) contributions to Smith weddings either: The Car. Sorry, its a rite of passage. (I guess they needed to give Carson the license plate to make sure they destroyed the right car?)

People are still shocked (aka: appalled) when they hear what happened to our car. I, quiet frankly don't get what everyone is so worked up about (a car has never been harmed). I wouldn't feel loved if they hadn't. Don't know how Marissa feels :).

I think she got off fairly easy. Just some Chocolate syrup smeared all over the windshield that was washed off before we even got to see it!
Love you guys! Hope its been marital bliss since!

PS: The car legacy (The good ones of my memory)
Elisa and Wes: Rewired horn to brake (I was impressed with what swiftness Wes set it right)
Jacob and Melissa
: Took the tires off, wheeled them in during the reception and put them on the gift table with a bow. (Calm down, we put them back on before they were even leaving)
Boz and Maegan: Filled the entire car to the ceiling with packaging popcorn (from sun roof). It was good!


Marissa Stam said...

haha I love it all! and yes Mom is AMAZING! I wish I had gotten to eat more of that delicious food too, but oh well. The car, i feel that it is love too. I was actually surprised how little happened (Carson was a little uptight about his car and did not relinquish the keys) but I know that I am loved by what was done. Thank you for doing the photography, you guys are amazing. when do i get to see you again? Dec 5th ish?

Grant and Sarah said...

Maegan, way fun post, I totally feel that way about my family too. It's nice to come from an awesome family. It looks like you guys had a great time. I can't wait to see you again. Grant, Edwin, and I are moving, so we will be closer. I've been crazy busy this past month with Mexico, then the hospital, and right now I have ice packs on my face because yesterday I had my wisdom teeth out, but we will get together soon. Our move-in date is Sept. 12 so we will be closer soon.

Stephanie S. Toone said...

Boz & Maegan +3????????????????? So did I miss an announcement or what?!