Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Want Some More?

Here ya go Auntie Brooke :).... and everyone else who was thinking the same: "More Charlotte pics PLEASE"
We thought Charlotte looked an awful lot like Elyette when she was born (and not just because of the squished nose). Although there are obvious differences of course (like HAIR for example :)), we still think she looks a whole lot like her big sister. Still to early to tell if she got daddy's crazy eyebrows like Elyette, but that is for sure my nose.
We hear a lot of high pitched "OH, Honey... its okay sweetie" etc. around here. They love her! So do I!
And we're out... more to come soon.


brooke said...

oh and so do I! I love her. She is so cute. What a little sweetie pie. Can't wait to hold her.

Marissa Stam said...

Charlotte! What a babe :) Maegan you have very cute kids. I think she is adorable. So two of my co-workers looked at these with me, and I showed them your easter pictures and they kept saying how cute they are :) Yep, I am a proud aunt. One lady is pregnant too and now she is nervous her kids wont be as cute ;)

Brittany said...

She is so cute! Congrats, you guys! Hope you are all doing well!