Monday, July 26, 2010

Stink turns 4 months!

Yep, its already been that long. Little Miss Charlotte (aka The Stink, Baby Stink, etc.) is 4 months old! Had her check up today:

weight: 13 lbs 10 oz (50%)
height: 25 inches (75%)
head: 41.5 cm (75%)

Coming along quite nicely :). She's a VERY sweet and happy little squirt. You look at her from across the room and she'll beam and smile back. She loves everyone and has every single one of us here wrapped around her finger. You should see Jack and Elyette swoon.

Charlotte is my first child to actually like tummy time and as a result pushes all the way up. After seeing her "stance", the Pediatrician warned she'll be putting her knees down soon and thus scooting forward. EEK, I'm not ready for mobility, but its still exciting to watch her. She's pretty good at doing 360's as it is. Now, my favorite stage is when they sit well on their own BEFORE they can move :). She's doing pretty well, folds in half and face plants of course, but she's gaining pretty good control.

How do people feel about those Bumbos? I've never tried one. Since she's happy on her tummy, there's no sitting up rush, but I'm curious if it would help, slow her down, or make no difference in that department. Thoughts?
(Pioneer Day pics I never posted)

She's staring to play. Loves peek-a-boo, daddy tickle attacks (enjoyment sometime questionable on that one :)), and is growing rather coordinated when reaching and grasping toys. She sucks on everything (naturally) and slimer may be her new nickname... thanks to all the DROOL (and spit up- why are ALL of my kids such major spit uppers?!)

Charlotte is a good little communicator. And I don't mean she wails :), in fact she has "noises" and gestures that make it obvious before crying comes- and when its time to eat, she certainly knows who her momma is... or should we say "milk lady".
(She has this habit of ALWAYS bring her right arm to her head while eating, sleeping...)

She's a GREAT night sleeper. Day sleep is somewhat erratic, but heck she's baby #3- you get sleep when and where you can. Since 2 1/2 months old she slept from 9:30-7ish with usually only 1 wake up between 3-5 sometime. Now goes to bed around 8- 8:30 with 1 wake up, but get this! Now brace yourself: She has slept the entire 9-7 stretch 5 out of the last 8 nights! Ah heaven I tell ya.
So if you ask me how its been transitioning to 3 kids- not bad at all...
thanks all to Charlotte!
Sweet sweet Charlotte. (these guys are good helpers too!)


Ben and Lachelle said...

Xander loved the Bumbo and I wish I had had it with Gavin. Xander loved being able to sit up and be involved. We let him sit on the table at meal times. He got to be apart of it... I got to eat!

Crysler's said...

3 lbs huh. Is she an anorexic baby? j/k I bet you mean 13. Your kids are very cute I bet they are fun!

maegan said...

Oh, ha! Thanks for calling me on that D. I fixed it (13#s). I guess thats proof that people actually do "read" posts :).

Debbie said...

Sweet babies! We love these kids!!