Sunday, March 6, 2011

Feat of the Week

What are all these people doing?
Reading the Book of Mormon!
We did it cover to cover in about 18+ hours (or actually reading),
on 5 hours of sleep
with a few breaks. (there for 29 hours total)
(and SO much food, I might add :))

Was it hard?... uh huh.

worth it?


SSToone said...

Ward activity or family? I couldn't catch a close enough glimpse! That's pretty amazing!

maegan said...

Yeah, it was for the Youth in our ward. The YM stayed at one home and the YW at another and came together to read every now and then. It was pretty cool.

Reading the Book of Mormon that fast really gives you a "whole picture" grasp on things that was really cool.

The A Team said...

that's awesome! What a great way to spend a whole day! I think that was what really gave me a testimony of the book!