Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Birthday...

Complete with all the trimmings (for a boy with all the trimmings):

Breakfast in bed
Egos... ha, I went all out :)... hey it was Fast Sunday.
A few Dollar store finds. He's easy to please.

A motorcycle, his one request.
Elyette wanted to make him one out of wood,
so thats what we helped her do.
 It was pretty awesome and
 I'm pretty fond that she shares our handmade gift love.

Spiderman Pj's...
again (just not handmade this time- left that up to his sister this year).
But not just any cake... Chocolate Moose Track Ice Cream Cake!
with candied  peanut butter filling and oreo crust and top. mmm, hmmm

well enjoyed by all (at least I think thats a face of enjoyment :))

Happy Birthday Jack!
 We love you!


SSToone said...

Happy Birthday! You're quite the Mom! Way to go and wow, you're getting old!;)

brooke said...

Yummy cake! And how cute is that motorcycle? Way to go Elyette. I love that picture of all the kids watching Jack open his gifts. So cute! We miss that funny kid and can't believe he is 4!

Matt said...

Happy Birthday Jack! Can't believe our boys are four.

Marissa Stam said...

Happy birthday to jack on the 4th and happy birthday to you today! ( how many more places can I write it? :) )