Friday, December 16, 2011

E's Bday

On November 7th my first born turned 6! Crazy!

She's been much older than that for a long time. She's an old soul. A one of a kind spirit, sent to lead her family. She strengthens me and teaches me so much. How blessed these past 6 years have been!
Love you Ely Rae!

 Just wanted to share some highlights from her special day. 
Breakfast in Bed
Birthday Play Date at the Park
She chose a VERY cool experience (post to come on that) over having a party, but really wanted to play with friends. So the day of her bday we made little "come to the park" flyers for her to hand around at school. After school I brought a bunch of mini cupcakes and she got to play with 15 or so friends from school. It was PERFECT! Low key, no obligations, totally a great way to go. 
She picked SUSHI for her birthday dinner. Ha, how many 6 year olds do you know LOVE sushi? She certainly does.
Charlotte's HUGE bowl of teriyaki chicken. Not surprisingly she ate it all.

Between, grandparents, siblings, friends, and even Primary teacher, this kids was SHOWERED with gifts. 

Butterfinger ice cream cake, roses, Rapunzel hair... does it get any better? :)

One year older and wiser too. Love this kids. Happy Birthday Elyette!

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