Tuesday, May 1, 2012

An April Post

And just in the nick of time...

The month started off peacefully with chilling at home watching General Conference, listening to prophets speak. Come April 2nd, we're were in sprint mode!!

First, We MOVED

Yep, We bought a house. Took us a year and a half to talk ourselves into it and we finally took the plunge. (More details and pictures to come I'm sure... unless of course the house keeps me too busy or pooped to ever blog again as it has thus far :)...)

We closed on April 4th. I did as much prep and cleaning as was humanly possible (okay maybe not, I snuck in a few hours of sleep here and there) on the 5th and 6th. Then got a truck the night of the 6th, hauled stuff over, unloaded, returned the truck the after noon of the 7th. Next took a nice break for Easter and the sabbath on the 8th. Finally cleaned our hearts out at our old rental house 9th (only took 7 hours thanks to Boz being able to help! another set of hands is a HUGE help) and check outed by 2pm making us officially MOVED.
Elyette was our official box labeler


Easter was wonderful. I couldn't have been more grateful for a restful day up on the Millar Ranch. We colored eggs at our new home Saturday after moving some stuff in (a promise I made to the kids last year since we didn't get the chance after getting in at midnight from a week in Utah the previous year... didn't think we'd be doing anything this year to make it tricky again ;)). We have a decent easter egg hunting yard now. And the best part is we had no lawn mower so the grass was nice and long to conceal all the eggs :).

And because my time is limited on having anxious willing children to be matchy matchy, we went as the seersucker gang. Poor Dad. Jack really wanted me to make him a seersucker tie too, and even though Boz says he gladly would have worn it, I try not to make it a habit of drawing him into my crazy. (Yes "crazy" is my noun, not adjective).

Ray's Homecoming

On April 18th, after serving 2 years for our church in the Texas McAllen Mission, Boz's little brother Ray returned home. We were very excited! Ray's mission has had a wonderful impact in our home. Everyday, every prayer without fail, Jack has prayed for Uncle Ray that he will be happy on his mission. Now he prays the Ray will be happy OFF his mission :).

When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, Jack will tell you "a missionary (and a dad)". The best is when our Pediatrician asked him and those 2 things were his answers. She started beaming and asked if we were LDS, "Oh that explains why your kids are so good!". Haha...sweet reaction. I'll take it! What could make a Mormon Momma happier than to know her family is preaching the Gospel by example (sometimes anyway)?

 THANK YOU RAY for your example and testimony. I hope you know what an impact you have made because our your faith and diligence. Keep up the good work. We love you... and my kids are watching ;).

To finish off a memory filled month we went to Ray's favorite place for a Millar Family Reunion:

It was an awesome trip. The kids were awesome ages for it. We had very few melt downs and it was a lot of fun to watch Charlotte's reaction to it all.

I especially loved seeing family! Its cool to watch our families grow and the kids interacting and the relationships that evolve and mature through the years. Good times. We love our family dearly and are grateful for the time we all get to be together.
Fell asleep on her homework after Disneyland

April was exciting, crazy, busy, fun, exhausting, and life changing. Wouldn't change it for anything (maybe a little more sleep)...

Here's to a quiet May! :)... yeah right...

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We need a 2012 post or something :) I miss you and your family a ton!