Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Audrey's Baby Blessing

Yes more Audrey. I'd say she sort of rules around here, but really I have to say being #4 you do have to conform to everyone else quite a bit actually. Poor kid has to endure a pause in a feeding for mom to pick up kids from school, keep something from boiling over (food and kids :)), wipe a bum (my favorite), prevent fatality.. you know the usually stuff.

Anyway, back to the purpose of this post. Sunday, April 28th we blessed Miss Audrey Lynn.
Before she was even born I decided I wanted to make Audrey's blessing dress. Elyette's dress and Jack's outfit were made by my mom from extra fabric from my wedding dress and Charlotte wore my baby blessing dress. Since each one of them have had a special outfit, I wanted Audrey to have something heirloom as well. I finally trust my ability as a seamstress (and I finally got a serger, WAHOO!) so I went for it.
Charlotte and Audrey with Great Grandma Audrey

The only problem was finding fabric. I tried to not get an idea in my head of what I wanted and just be "inspired" by what I found, but I was partial to eyelet and wanted to make a over coat sort of dress. Well the only eyelet I really liked, there wasn't enough of in stock in town (tried 3 stores), so, cutting it really close I decided to order some I liked online at fabric.com in hopes it would arrive promptly enough as it has in the past from them. Well after some crazy stuff like the train it was on derailing, I got the eyelet the Thursday afternoon before the blessing. That night I rushed off to Hancock Fabric and got thread, trim and a satin for the "under-dress" and finally was able to get to work on it at about 11pm and finished Friday afternoon (about a 6 hour project).

This is the first project I've done that I started with a prayer (like I know my mom did for my wedding dress and I'm sure many other special and sacred occasions) and let me tell you, prayers are answered! Everything went as I had it in my head and the results I'm glad to call of heirloom quality. It was very cool sewing something prayerfully and really feeling a spiritual influence as I did so.

The best part was putting it on my sweet little babe.
getting ready

We had a little photo session (got lots of this cute little face) and it was off to church.

She had hiccups leading up to her blessing and from the sounds of it, still had them through most of her blessing :). She was so stinking cute looking out at the congregation when it was done. I'm a beaming mom, what can I say. Can you blame me?
Thanks to those that could make it! 

I also want to say how VERY grateful I am for ALL the worthy priesthood holders in Audrey's life (had all of them been able to be there, between her father, grandfathers, and numerous uncles, we never would have fit in the chapel) and for ALL of her family who will love and support her. We LOVE our eternal family!

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SSToone said...

Wonderful! Super mom as always!

My MIL sews heirloom dresses and is a hardcore smocker, and she orders all her fabric from some place in South Carolina. http://www.farmhousefabrics.com/

Anyway, looks like you had a wonderful day!