Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter 2008

We hope all had a wonderful Easter. We sure did. We got to go to the Ranch where we enjoyed seeing family, checking out the Millar's new "theater" in their family room, a trip to the temple (what could be more Easter appropriate), eating lots of yummy food and of course, the outdoors. The weather was gorgeous and we spent Easter afternoon down in the canyon by the creek. I couldn't decide on just 1 or 2 pics, so here are several :)... enjoy... Basking by the falls

Enjoying the spoils of the egg hunt
Wearing the flowers Elyette picked for me



Missy said...

These are absoultly picture blog worthy! the one of elyette in her dress is to die for! for future reference I am going to adopt her :P did you make that dress? it is adorable! oh and i need to talk to you about another major idea i have, dealing with more fashion. :D call me if you can! I LOVE YOU!!!! and your family!

Roundy Crew said...

I cannot believe how cute your kids are! I'm pretty sure they don't make them any cuter. You have a cute blog and it's great to see you guys. Keep in touch. And p.s. Boz, congratulations on the great fun job! That's so wonderful. And shave the beard! You're artistic but you're not a hippy! :) Just laugh k. Megan you look great; don't change a thing. See ya.

Mike and Laura said...

How cute you guys are! Looks like fun! I think Abby will have a new boyfriend once she meets Jack. hehe. We move back to P-town in May, so we will have to get together again. What a reunion it will be! :)

Brittany said...

Too cute! Love the pictures! Sounds like a fun Easter and you guys had a great time! Your kids are so cute! Hope to see you guys sometime!