Thursday, April 3, 2008

Getting Crafty

Since I've graduated, settled in our new place, and have become more adjusted to having 2 little ones, I find I have a some time for... what do you call it... oh, HOBBIES! Its been a while... I'm not a very crafty person, but I have a whole lot of ideas rolling around in my head. Unfortunately, I don't yet have many of the skills necessary to create all that I'd like to. Out of laziness I skip the pattern and come up with my own way of making something, which isn't always a bad thing, but it's robbed me of learning some basics that can get me so much further. I often get ahead of myself and become overwhelmed and end up with a rather pathetic end result that is far from what I intended (if I finish it at all). So here's my goal: slow down and learn what I should already know! (Any and all help is more than welcome). I've been inspired by many of you to start posting some of the things I've made (if I'm not too embarrassed), in order to encourage myself to keep it up.

Thanks to my extremely talented seamstress mother, I'm not totally starting from scratch. I really wish I had picked her brain and used her experience to my advantage a whole lot more when I was younger and living at home (like my now very skilled little sister Marissa). I, instead limited myself to making pajama pants and scrunchies. I've tried a lot more since and here are some things I've sewn in the last couple of weeks (keep in mind I'm no photographer):

#1- Outfit for me. I decide I too could use a little something for Easter. Since I don't have a ton of patterns, I made both the top and skirt myself. The skirt, you can tell! Its pretty bad, but I had limited fabric since it was a free sample. I'm pretty proud of the top though. Like all things, I'd make several improvements, but it worked out well. Best part of this outfit is that is cost about $3. No really, free sample for the skirt and the top was $1 a yard fabric at Wal-Mart.. and I'll give a buck to thread, bias tape, and buttons used.

#2- Shirt for Elyette. I got this fabric and rick rack last summer for Elyette, cause I love her in yellow. Still needs buttons, its a bit on the big side, and I think the sleeves are too "fluffy", so after a little more work, it'll be cute on her... everything is :) probably could use some ironing.
#3- Nightgown for Elyette. Pajamas are the best since they can really be less than perfect and still be usable. She loves her green "Fiona" nightgown I made her for Christmas so much that I thought she like another. This one she calls her "Belle" dress. Yes, more yellow. I love yellow and this fabric I got for cheap before she was even born. If it looks like she could fly away in those sleeves, its because she could. Next time I do this pattern, I won't be gathering the fabric as much as suggested.
So there you have it!


heather said...

What? We don't get to see you model them?

Good job! I wish I could sew. I think I could handle anything with straight lines... maybe.

Brittany said...

All those clothes are so cute! It makes me wish I could sew and make cute clothes like those, especially for those prices too! Good job-I really love both shirts!

Melissapher said...

I love the outfits!! Were you wearing the shirt you made in the Easter Post? I love it and the dress. I'd love to learn how to make a shirt like that!!!

P.S. I'm definitely looking forward to Eddie's Quilting Bee this week!