Saturday, April 5, 2008

General Conference

In all honesty, I've had all sorts of feelings about conference. I often dreaded it as a kid since it was like a super long sacrament meeting without the coming reward of primary. As my own testimony sprouted more and I realized what it actually means to have a prophet to guide us (I admit I still am discovering what that means) I started to enjoy conference more. It was in High School when my parents said that they wanted us to listen to every session on both days that I started really loving and looking forward to conference.

I remember thinking it would be torture, but the opposite became true. By the time I was a freshman at BYU and didn't have my parents initiating conference anymore, I realized I was really looking forward to conference. Since then I truly have had that excitement when conference is coming and been able to watch every session. I love it! I was particularly excited for the Solemn Assembly this morning and am very grateful for having been able to participate and sustain our new prophet Pres. Thomas S. Monson and all of our general authorities and leaders. I hope you all feel uplifted and sense the optimism that I think is always exuded during conference!

Also, my sister passed along this packet for kids. I looked through it, it looks really good and has a lot for all ages... even if you have a 2 year old like mine who can just look at the pictures and color on them. (depending on your internet connection you can listen to conference here)

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