Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Visit from Gramma and Grampa Smith

My parents were able to come for 2 days to visit from Washington this weekend on there way to Utah. I was really excited since it was the first time someone from my family has been able to come see where we are living now, plus I happen to love my parents a ton, and I got to show off Jack and Elyette.

Jack, of course, loved all the attention and hammed things up on many occasions and Elyette wanted to make sure she knew where gramma and grampa were at all times. Jack liked head bonking with grampa and after gramma created some beautiful towers from blocks, Elyette took ever opportunity to get gramma to "build a house". And I certainly appreciated the extra help with dishes. Thanks Mom!

While they were here we went up to San Francisco and walked around on Pier 39 and ate lunch at Swiss Louis. Jack was very fun and lively during lunch and since gramma gave him some tastes of her food he begged her non stop for more. Then we drove by 2000 Post, where we lived for a bit, and drove through Golden Gate Park. That night we ate pizza and watched "Chronicles of Narnia" where Elyette pointed out the "scary cow" to us (it was some creature that was with the Witch). We had a lot of fun and wished they could have stayed longer, but I have to share them with the rest of the fam. :P

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