Friday, April 11, 2008


I love it when kids give you the occasional window into their cute little minds through the silly things they says and do. I decided I better document some of Elyette's from the last couple of days.

-While on the way to the grocery store today, she pointed out to me that her new polka dot shoes have "bubbles" on them.

- We got a Jamba Juice to share at Safeway today and she got it on her pants. Once she saw that I wasn't mad, she went "opps, silly Eh-y-ette".

-Yesterday, she put me in time out. She came to check to see if I was ready to be nice after a minute or too, but then decided I wasn't ready to come out yet and left me again for a little while. Finally she felt I was ready to come out if I was nice. (mind you, all I was doing was brushing my teeth at the time).

-Lately when we cross the street she gets very anxious, wide eyed and speeds up "huwee... huwee, cows a' tumming" (i.e. "hurry, hurry, cars are coming"). Probably because she got busted for running into the street without me the other day.

-When I was gone Wednesday night, Boz told Elyette I was at a baby shower. Later she told him I was gone at the baby bath.

-Last Friday we went to Half Moon Bay for a picnic dinner on the beach (I'll blog on that when I get a chance). On the way home she was munching on a cookie in the car and we had just gotten past the winding roads when she told us "cookie hurts". She gets car sick easily so I figured I knew what that meant but we didn't pull over till it was too late. She called it "choking" when she threw up, which is a pretty good description I thought... poor kid.

- Jack is very obvious now when he poops and it worries Elyette. She yells for me and tells me, "Dack's poo'd da floor" or couch or where ever he is and turns to Jack and says "buddy, no, poo'd da floor, li'l dude" in very concerned sort of way.

Well, I could go on and on, but I think this post is pretty long already. I'm sure this won't be the last post of its kind though.

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Grant and Sarah said...

Well, I saw some of those cute Elyette-isms today at IKEA, especially the jump over the elevator crack. I love hanging out with you guys, I had such a good time, wish I could of stayed longer. The car ride home wasn't too bad though, I got home in 30 min. Anywho, I hope you guys have a good time until I see you again.