Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Sick Buddy

Some stinky cold hit Elyette and I really hard and fast yesterday afternoon. Last night I woke up around 1:30am and couldn't get back to sleep till 4:00am and I could tell that it was plaguing Elyette as well, so I went in to give her some motrin and she was such a sweetie. Our dialouge went something like this.

Mom walks in with a dose of children's motrin.

Elyette: MEDICINE!?!
Mom: Yep.
Elyette: Thank you
Mom: You ok?
Elyette: yeah..(in a achy voice)
Mom: does it hurt? Where?
Elyette:(pointing inside her mouth) throat.
Mom: Oh, mommy too.
Elyette: Mommy sick too?
Mom: Yeah.
Elyette: Mommy medicine?
Mom: Yep. I love you.
Elyette: Love you. Nuh night.
Mom: Good night sweetheart.

Her sweet concern for me made me feel tons better. She's my buddy! We both have been camping out on the couch munching on apple slices, sipping juice, watching movies (Beauty and the Beast twice) and letting Jack climb all over us and try stealing our food. She even helped me out when I was getting some lunch for us. Jack was whining for me and without me asking her, Elyette went over and started playing peek-a-boo with him and hiding him under her blanket with her. He was giggling like crazy, it was very cute. I love that little girl, she's one of my best friends!

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Grant and Sarah said...

That is so cute how Elyette helped you out like that. How aware she already is. Very cool. I'm glad you got to have your mom and dad in town for a little bit. It's always nice.