Friday, August 29, 2008

The Beach House

This was my 3rd year participating in the annual Millar beach house trip near Santa Cruz, CA. Instead of just 3 days, like in years past when we flew in from Utah, we got to stay the entire week! Daily hanging out in the sand, flying kites, playing Frisbee, swimming in the "hot pool" (Elyette learned to hold her breath and swim under water in the hot tub:)), going to the aquarium, watching the Olympics and playing the Candy Game can't be beat.This little odd ball loved getting buried! :)

Catching seagulls (none were injured in this rather hilarious experiment)

The boys at Laguna Seca (Boz is taking the pic)

More fun in the sand.Jack and Grandma at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Sam :)Whats vacation without getting drunk!?!

Just kidding, actually poor Jack had a fever the first 3 days there then got a nasty diaper rash and all sorts of other not so fun things. He had a rough time and we're sad family didn't get to see lots of the real Jack. He's fine and well now though and back to his busy little self. Actually, with all this fun, eating junk, late nights, no naps, no nothing (definitely not complaining about that) we were all a little hung over for a good 2 weeks. Funny how vacations need some recovering from too, but WE LOVED IT!

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