Tuesday, February 17, 2009

There's a Reason We Call Him Fathead...

Jack Gregory Millar- Head Circumference:

9/17/07 - 2 weeks old: 37 cm (
11/12/07 - 2 months old: 40.5cm (
1/23/08 - 4 months old: 43.2 (
3/25/08 - 6 months old: 45.1cm (
7/08/08 - 10 months old: 48cm (
10/06/08 - 13 months old: 48cm (
2/12/09 - 17 months old: 50.2cm (

and all the while the rest of him has stayed steadily between the 20th to 35th percentile.


Jodi said...

Love it!

Stephanie S. Toone said...

Wow that is very interesting that his head keeps getting bigger! Smart little boy! :)

Tina and Dan said...

Percentile, shmentile! All little kids have big heads! And most tend to have head sizes in percentiles bigger than the rest of their body! Just an observation from nursing school. Although some kids just have really big noggins!

maegan said...

Haha, yeah, no, I'd say he's got a HUGE noggin. His 3 year old sister's is the same circumference! Though his is a different shape cause her hats are to small for him.

heather said...

Yeah, Ezra's head circumference has stayed steadily between the 5th and 10th percentiles since birth... I think it makes him look more like a regular person and less baby-like.

Erin said...

Maegan, I can't believe I've never found your blog! I found it off of Karalynn. I hope you don't mind! I have loved reading about you and your family. You are sooo talented.