Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Before and After

So I've had our room "made over" since September (it was my bday present to myself), but I finally got around to taking "after" pics (sadly the before pics look better, it was a cloudy day today). I feel rather deceitful on this one, this is not what our room looks like on a typical day. Picture more toys, books, thread, fabric, iron and such strewn about and there you go. . .

Before- BLAH
Spent less than $300 on ceiling and table lamps, hardware, fabric for curtains, bedding, organizational shelves and drawers for closet and my sewing junk and got:

After- Ta da!
I wouldn't call it completely done. I'd still like a little more color here and there maybe. Any suggestions?


Jodi said...

I love the curtains.

Kate Nally said...

I love it I love it! You're such an amazing shopper!!! I couldn't even find FABRIC ALONE for less than 300...which is why I didn't do the project :)

maegan said...

I hear ya on that one Kate! Fabric is so pricey. It took some looking, but I found the curtain fabric at (not super cheap, but I got 11 yards total for $80)and I wanted to make our bedding too, but it was just too expensive (Especially since I found that 8 piece bedding set at LNT for $85)

Tina and Dan said...

Looks amazing! You did a great job!

April said...

Maegan, this is April Duvall from your old BYU ward! Your bedroom looks SO great! I'm totally impressed.

I have a little business proposition for you, so would you email me ( so we can chit chat???

Talk to you soon!