Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dressed for a Wedding

My little sister, Marissa's, wedding that is. Her colors were cobalt blue, cornflower blue, and yellow. There was A LOT of sewing involved in this wedding. Very very little of it was done by me. All Marissa's neices present had coordinating dresses, so I can't take credit beyond having sewn together Elyette's.
Elyette with her closest cousin, Callie (they are 6 weeks apart). Callie's mommy, Elisa (my sister), made her dress. Aren't they sweet! --ha I'd like to point out that Elisa not only has a newborn, but also made her 3 other daughters dresses and had them all done before I even started Elyette's :). You go wonder woman!

This is what I made for me. Nothing fancy here, just straight from the pattern in pale yellow eyelet, add a cobalt blue ribbon, and viola! I look like part of the wedding :). It was surprisingly comfortable and served me well with all the running around I did in it (Boz and I did the photography- um, I should say are doing the photography. We're still in the editing process, hence the reason I haven't done a single post on her wedding yet.)


Melissa [IS•LY] said...

Your dress looks beautiful! What pattern did you use?

Mike and Laura said...

Maegan-I love the dress! You are an amazing seamstress--I think I've told you that before, but it's true! :) Please share the pattern--I love it! Can't wait to move closer to you guys so I can get expert advice from you! :)

maegan said...

Thanks ladies! It's Simplicty pattern 2588. I already have plans for using it again :)-lets hope I can pull off the slim skirt!