Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Slimsterina's Tutu

There was plenty of work to get done during naptime yesterday, but what did Elyette's mom do instead? Made her a tutu...

So if ever you are feeling bored and don't feel like cleaning or whatever it is you need to do, pop in a chic flick (or listen to a conference talk online- for a more uplifting day) and whip up a tutu. Of course you'll have to have tulle lying around (from your daughters last birthday that you never got around to using) and some elastic or ribbon. NO SEWING NECESSARY!

Click here for a tutorial like the one I did with elastic. (its the same with ribbon, just don't sew it in a circle. Use about 3 yards and tie it on around your little ones, or your :), waist). I also used a softer tulle and cut the strips 3" wide, alternating colors (gives it a more curly wild look than stiffer tulle). my laundry room/patio isn't the best for photo ops, but hey.

"on pointe" prep?


Jenae said...

Olivia loves her tut and occassionaly wears it to bed. I love how cute little girls look in tutu's. She looks adorable in it!

Brittany said...

Too cute! Maybe one day I'll get around to one for Baylee. Love it!