Monday, September 14, 2009

Back to School

PRESCHOOL that is! Well, Mommy's preschool. Just the kids and I. I'm sure we are the last to actually start school, but I finally got on the ball.
Its geared toward Elyette, but Jack is doing awesome (his attention span amazed me today, he's a smart kid). And we're having a blast. Went for 2 hours today non stop and Elyette asked if we could keep going all day :). The best part... the food of course. We made our initials out of pretzels (and some cheese sauce for dipping, mmm). Elyette did a great job on her "E". We made you "B" too daddy!

So to anyone else who wants to take the "economic" route to preschool, as it was put by a friend :), I highly recommend Teach Me Mommy. That is if you're like me and don't have time (and don't always want to :)) to invent and create everything from scratch. It has enough lessons, that include a topic intro, crafts, songs, books, activities, and even a snack activity, to occupy about 1-2 hours a day, 3 days a week for an entire school year. We're looking forward to seeing all it has to offer.


brooke said...

very cool! I recognize that school house :) Makes me miss our little preschool. How fun that you are doing that! You are the perfect, talented mommy for at home preschool! Cute pictures too! Can't believe how grown up they look. It feels like forever since we have seen you.

Gian and Andrea said...

What a great idea! Hooray for powerful parents!!!