Monday, February 8, 2010

The Name Game

Tell us your preference... POLL to the RIGHT------>

As pregnancy goes, many have asked us what we plan to name this little girl due to make her appearance in 5-6 weeks (we're hoping she follows suite with her siblings and come is 5). Truth be told, we have NO idea.

Names have come in and out of favor and of course we don't all agree on many.... I liked Amelia or Myra, Elyette wanted Cinderella, Boz just didn't want Amelia and stopped liking Myra... The three of us discuss this regularly.

Elyette's probably been the biggest and most creative contributor with a range of name options. She wanted to name the baby "Elyette" for some time, but we finally convinced her that would be confusing :). Then she thought of Katie-Anna, Coraline (we were sorta digging this one, but due to the movie couldn't convince ourselves), and Cole (like after her friend Nicole she said, but just Cole- cute).

Now she's back to trying to name the baby after herself somehow, by coming up with variations of Elyette. Since Saturday she's been calling the baby "ElyeJ" (her spelling suggestion, said like "el-ja") and thought we should call her "jella" for short. haha... well, she possibly won a little on that one since Boz of course, having a nickname for name himself, HAS to have a nickname for everyone (hence Slim and Dude) and has been blank with this little one so far. Well, thanks to Elyette's "jella", we may have a winner....oh boy.

As for the name I plan to call her... and everyone else, we'd like to take a poll. It likely we won't have just 1 name till her birthday when we meet her, but we thought it'd be fun to see where the favoritism lies. Here's the list of names we all can agree to like thus far:

Charlotte (Charlie for short)
Amelia -Boz, you don't use the name anyway :)

Cole (one for Elyette, different spelling maybe :))


Boz said...

um, Can you at least put Jela on the poll?

maegan said...


Stephanie S. Toone said...

Hey, just a suggestion, but I have a girl in my primary class named Cora. Maybe a compromise for Coraline? Good luck with the names!

Tina and Dan said...

Fun idea! I love Charlie of course and Sadie is super cute also!

Rachel said...

I really like the name Rory and my husband hated it, so could I please live vicariously through you. You like Rory you know it. You don't like Amelia or Charlotte, so many letters. Rory, only four ;)

Marissa Stam said...

Ahh shucks, I really liked Myra. but I like some of the others too. Good luck! I am sure its tough.

maegan said...

Haha, I do love Rory, Rachel! Boz isn't as big of a fan, but your argument is perfect: He's a huge advocate for "short"- fewer bubbles to fill on test forms :).

I still have Myra stored away just in case never know ;)

brooke said...

I thought about Josie today. You used to love that name. There is a family in our Pleasanton ward with a Josie...what a cute girl! I like that name too. All of yours are great choices.

heather said...

Good names Millar's! I like Lucy! Also Amelia (sorry Boz), and you could call her mimz or mimi. My grandma's name was Sadie, there is a lot of stuff that can rhyme with that and some in a not so good rhyme... All good names. good luck!

Gian and Andrea said...

uhhhh... there is no cinderella button.
We always talk about not giving a middle name to our children so that they can chooce their our around 3 or 4 years of age in which case it is sure to be sometime awesome like batman or cinderella... you may consider it for the middle name.