Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kindergarten Hat Parade

In lieu of a Kindergarten graduation, Elyette's class did a "Hat Parade". Each student brings home a hat (her hat was basically a large oval donut shape out of pink posterboard) to decorate. Then these darling creations made their debut on stage for the parents.

It was my goal was to not have buy anything for this hat. Yes, I'm cheap, but mostly because I have a closet full of random junk that I just know could be treasures :). Sure enough we found what we needed for her unique and SUPER EASY (always a bonus) design that would be lightweight, since she'll be wearing this on her head of course.
We call it "mother nature". Elyette made the nest out of a styrofoam bowl, she painted brown and glued shredded brown paper all over. Then using yarn we "sewed" some chickies (from Easter) into the next, glued the nest to the hat. Attached some tulle/netting for the hat to attach to Elyette and with more yarn tied down a boa around the nest. Viola!
(he makes a good model too :))

Just hot gluing everything would have been easiest, but being the dork I am, we had to do things in a manner in which we could re-salvage the chicks and boa :). Although I'm not sure I'll ever have the heart to take this hat apart.
(sweet sisters)

My girl is growing up so fast! And since its clear I can do nothing about it, I'm THROUGHLY enjoying it while I can! :)
Congratulations Elyette! I love you!!!

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