Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Pics

I didn't sew easter outfits this year, but we were cheesy and coordinated anyway.
The girls wore skirts I made them a few months ago and I wore the dress I made for my little sister's wedding. Jack wore his tie from the wedding too, with what little specks of yellow it had :)...
Aren't you proud of me for not doing orange and aqua? :)... Yellow and gray, another favorite combo.

These pics were crackin' me up, I had to share.
Less than cooperative Charlotte :)

The "Jack" pose

And since I think I'm much better with the camera than in front of it:
...which isn't saying alot for me either way, but these cuties make GREAT subjects!
Almost as entertaining as last year :).


SSToone said...

Very cute! What kind of camera do you all have? I keep asking Chris to make a flash diffuser like Boz made. We have the very first dslr that came out and the flash is HARSH.


Miss you and your kids are adorable and you're lookin' very svelte!

maegan said...
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Boz said...
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maegan said...

Hey Steph! We have a Nikon d50. The diffuser worked great. We didn't use a flash in these pics since we were outside, but even when inside turn the aperture down (open it up) as much as possible to let in as much light as you can. (we most often use our camera in Aperture mde for that reason) since no flash when possible is great. Course you in WA, natural light is more of a luxury :)...

Also, we've upgraded from our diffuser gysmo to the SB400, GREAT little flash for $100 (not sure what kind of camera you have but i know there is a Canon equivalent). Its limited on which direction I can point it (usually just point up to bounce off the ceiling) but its small and MUCH more convenient for toting around.

Anyway, sorry that was a long schbeel, but I hope that helped.... Miss you too!!! Happy camera-ing!!