Monday, April 25, 2011

An Easter to Remember

Jack's Easter:
Elyette's Easter:
Haha, no really it was much better than that:

Arriving just after 9pm from a drive to Utah Saturday evening and discovering we only had a few eggs in the fridge (and needing to throw some poop and puked covered kids in the bath) made coloring eggs a "no-go".

The Easter Bunny still came, but a very patient Jack and Elyette had to wait for Charlotte to wake up. She slept until 9:45am!!! That has NEVER happened. Driving must have pooped her out big time.
Thanks to Boz's Grandma Rae, we had a VERY tasty Easter dinner. It was a nice quite dinner with just us, Grandma Rae, Boz's uncle Chris and Grandma's friend Loraine. We has Pears in green jello, her tasty green beans, salad, rice pilaf, very tender and very yummy lamb and strawberries and ice cream to finish it off. MMmmmm. If it was left to me, we would have ended up scrounging and eating something out of the freezer. Can't beat lamb!

As for the dramatic pics:

Jack caught a stomach bug, but was doing fine, until he ate junk he tummy just wasn't ready for. He didn't actually throw up in the pic, but he did later at Grandma Rae's... thankfully outside and not in her nice home. Again, after eating nothing but the jello and ice cream.

And just as we were leaving Grandma's at about 8pm, Elyette biffed it on the drive way. Skinned up her knee and hurt her wrist. No worries, just a sprain, nothings broken.

...We're alive and well and all the more appreciative of our Saviors sacrifice and resurrection.

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