Thursday, April 14, 2011

More Charlotte Sentiment

Just wanted to document a little about my sweet little Charlotte at this stage in her life...

Charlotte Nichole:
@12 month

Weight: 19 lbs 2 oz (10-25%)
Length: 28 1/2 (25%)
Head: 18.5 inches (75%) hehe

A little bit about this cute little fart:

If you happen to make eye contact with her, you'll
get a goofy, ear to ear grin that'll make your day. She's out to get a grins too. She's a little clown and how ever she can get you to laugh, she'll do it. Her best audience being Jack and Elyette. And of course she laughs at her own sillyness.

My favorite is her "peek-a-boo". She either hides behind something and pokes her head out or turns her head to the side (gives a little side glance) that whips her
head around to face you and starts giggling.

She sings. A lot. Its very cute. The best is when she starts singing with us at choir practice in Church. She loves trying action songs too. She's pretty good at "Popcorn Popping" actions.

She's got some moves. Most babies love a good beat and bounce to it, ha, but this kid should take some hula, cause she can shake and roll her little hips like nobodies business. Its all about twisting for her (the booty). Jack and Elyette play parts in music over and over just to see Charlotte twist. I recently discovered she must really like Jazz after seeing her twist and wiggly in a shopping cart during a whole trip to the store the other day.

She waves, shakes her head no, reaches for yes, blows kisses for good night (well unless she's too mad about it being bedtime), give good wet kisses, loves to "wrestle", jibber jabbers (probably much of it means something I just haven't figured out the meaning yet) says mama for a need (me or food mostly- ha, hence Boz claims her first word was in Portuguese- "mama" means "boob") and says "uh-oh" to everything else (very telling, I might add). She can name her mouth, nose, and eyes (likes to pull out my eyelashes for that one)- still working on ears. Nose is cute, she like to put her nose to my nose and giggle at how funny we look up close.

She likes to hide things. For some odd reason, when I'm sitting near her, her favorite hiding spot is in between or under my legs. It pretty funny. Although I didn't appreciate the pizza she tried to stash there once :). I also often find our fridge magnets all stashed behind the fridge. Must be natural product of being a third child :).

She's not walking yet, but loves to hold your hand and walk about. She a pro at up and down the stairs, which is wonderful for our peace of mind and we have no need for a gate anymore, but much to my dismay she's getting pretty good at climbing other things too (stools, park slides- then slides down on her belly :), patio chairs etc.) Its a bit nerve racking when i turn around and find her balancing on a stool in order to steal cheese off the counter. She's not even walking, do I trust her balance on a high stool!?! Scary...

She's rather easy going, but don't be fooled. When you've got 2 big siblings to battle for toys, FOOD and attention, she holds her own. She's a feisty little thing. Come watch meal time at our house and you'll get a pretty good idea what I'm talking about.

Back that up, just watch when I'm preparing a meal... it starts with wanting to be picked up or fed that instant. If she's not climbing up to try and get food, she's screeching and clawing my ankles and feet with her sharp little nails to get me to pick her up. I need to wear socks, it hurts, little booger :).

When she gets her hands on a soft toy, blanket or a object she loves, her response is to wad it up and stick it under her belly and lay on top of it. This is also how she sleeps. Bum up and blanket under belly.

You can see Charlotte through her eyes. Very expressive eyes. I love it.

Time to share Boz's hard work:

Her Bday Slideshow
We love you little Stinkster!


brooke said...

Fun to watch that video! It is probably hard to say no those big blue eyes :) Makes me excited to have another one. She is a cutie for sure.

Marissa Stam said...

That stinkster is sure adorable! watching the video made me sad we dont have Christmas together, we need to make a game plan of that... :) I cannot WAIT to see you!!

Lauren said...

I knew Charlotte was super cute before, but sheesh! Way to go Boz! This is awesome. She better marry one of my boys :)