Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools!

I missed a golden opportunity to "April Fools" the kids today. Ya know, something fun, like putting legos in the cereal box for breakfast...

Thankfully Elyette caught the prankster bug and made plans to prank Dad. She had a number of clever plans. We went with the most plausible: Daddy's guitars got stolen while were away picking her up at school. So we went through the house and hid all the guitars and other instruments. The thieves decided to leave the drums.-- You know you totally bought it, Dad!
I asked dude if he wanted to pull a trick on dad too. His response? "Yeah! a flip!"... Not exactly the sort of "trick" I had in mind :). We went with that though: He had a story about how he did a flip and hit his head on the corner of a table. An extremely likely possibility. We marked up a bandaid and stuck it on his head, but he backed out last minute so we decided to stick it on Charlotte. I heard them telling Dad some story about her falling on a bag or something...
Ah, so proud.... :)

What good April Fools were you (or wished you were) up to ?

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