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Handmade Holidays 2011

This is sort of old news at this point, blogging didn't make the New Years resolution list :), but since this was the very thing that got me blogging in the first place, I'm posting it anyway.

Back in 2007, when I first "gave in" and started a blog I didn't post much but saw varies friends/family and friends of friends blogs with creative ideas, tutorials, etc. and in particular handmade Christmas gifts. I remember thinking I'd love to do that but in reality, doubted that'd ever happen. However in 2008 I had the unspoken resolution to start diving into my creative side (now that I was done with school and had a chance to discover I even had hobbies) and did make decent gifts by Christmas 2008. Its been a fun journey, and while I no longer blog about much of it any more, I'm still on it! And as always, thanks to my gracious recipients ;)...

Handmade Christmas Past:

And here's 2011:

Scaled back. Trying to do better at my "good, better, best" choices. Granted I don't "create" until after the kids have gone to bed, but I'm getting too old, or something, to pull off multiple nights of a 3am bedtime. It was 1am this year instead... ha. If only stupid sleep wasn't necessary.

I only planned 1 major thing to make this year. I've been itching to try my hand at carpentry. It stands to reason for me that it would be something I would love! So I gave it a go. Here's my first project:

Baby Doll Crib for Charlotte:
To give Santa a hand, I used plans from Ana White (AWESOME site!) with alterations made for the tools we have. I can't say it did it ALL by myself, since I didn't fully know my way around the power tools and we lack some tools to make some tasks a one woman job, like drilling and screwing the crib rails (where really needed 3 sets of hands). Thank you, Boz.

And after some extreme frustration with our circular saw, Boz got me a miter saw for Christmas which will make for MUCH easier, faster, cleaner cutting for the next project. WAHOO. I'm very excited. Oh and Boz got a table top vice from his dad too! (Um, also a selfish request of mine).

Anyway, this first time learning experience, after lots of cutting, drilling, gluing, screwing, WAITING, a coat of primer and 3 coats of paints, sewing the mattress and bedding it took about 20 hours. WELL worth it. I'm picky so at first I wasn't thrilled with minor things, but now I'm letting up and LOVE IT. It's solid and will last for years (hopefully loved long too).

Personalized T-shirt for Cash:

Sticking with tradition, I made another one of those "self-portrait" T-shirts. Scott, Ray (couldn't find a pic, darn it), my dad, and now Sam, excuse me, I mean "Cash Money" have been the LUCKY recipients :) Cash Money's glows in the dark too.... hahaha, trumps them all.

Gingerbread Family Kits:
This idea comes from FamilyFun. It was a great gift for teachers/neighbors/friends that all of us got to help with. Easy too. Just make gingerbread cookies and put in a container with a tube a white decorating icing and varies candy (we did red hots, red vines, spice drops, and mini M&Ms).
I intended to share the label I made but of course anything I intend in advance blogwise rarely materializes in time. Maybe next year.

Furoshiki Tied bread
I love it when you can find 3lbs bundles of bananas at Costo for 50 cents! Thus I made banana bread mini loaves:

I'm big fan of Furoshiki and mini loafs were perfect to use it with. Warm bread wrapped in fabric, mmmm. (Knowing more in advance, using new dish cloths/tea towels instead would have been a nice addition).

And thats pretty much the extent of my stuff..............................................

Jack and Elyette's handmakes

To follow the lead of my amazing sister Elisa who makes it a point to spend her time helping her kids make gifts for each other, I worked with Jack and Elyette to make gifts of their choosing.

Tied Baby Blanket by Elyette

Without hesitation Elyette badly wanted to make a fleece tie blanket for her new baby cousin, Madison. She picked out the fabric and worked meticulously cutting exact 1 inch strips and tied them. It took several hours across several days, so that ended up being the extent of her projects. She worked hard. It was very sweet. Sadly I failed to take pics of her working, but here's a pic of Madison wrapped in the blanket:

Playdough by Jack

Jack worked right along side me making green playdough, while I made red, to give to Charlotte and some friends. He's a natural in the kitchen! He also made a "bead thing" ornament for Elyette. He's VERY detail oriented.

And the grand finale:

Toilet Bowl Plunger Bouquet by Boz

Beautiful isn't it? I'm sure his parents were SO thrilled to get this.
Either my enjoyment for "presentation" has rubbed off on him, or he's just mocking me. Probably both ;). I'm a dork and I know it.

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Elisa said...

Awesome Maegan! You are so creative! I love the crib! that makes me itch to do some woodworking projects! I'm not so amazing! We gave the kids 10 bucks to spend on each other this year and drew names. I liked the handmade stuff they did last year better though. Miss you love you!