Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Birthday to Elyette

You've been anxiously awaiting this day, Elyette, when you'd be the wise old age of 3! And that you are. You've been through and experienced more than many 7 year olds!!! :).The first 6 weeks of your life you endured being traded back and forth between mom and dad in a baby carrier on campus. Mom even rocked you in your car seat while you slept during one of her finals! And despite your colic, you didn't even cry 'til she finished. You've always known what Mom needs. The next year and a half of your life, you came to know BYU's campus WELL. I'm sure you cheered the most when Mom and Dad graduated.

Shortly after that you welcomed your little brother into the world. I'm sure now you can't remember your world without him. You became quick friends and you've always taken good care of him and been a HUGE helper for Mommy.

We learned a lot together when we moved and entered the "real" world just 1 year ago. I know it wasn't easy for you and you even broke your arm during the whole process (you are one tough cookie, I can't believe how brave and strong you were through that), but you learned courage. And, like always, supported us through it all.

You are strong, thoughtful, talented, smart, beautiful, fun, compassionate, elegant, silly, tender, feminine, brave and growing into a fine young woman already! Thank you for being our cheerleader, parent, teacher, savior, and friend. We love you! Happy Birthday Monkey/Slimmy/Elyette!

-Mom and Dad

PS: Did we mention you're insane?

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Rebecca said...

She truly is adorable! Happy Birthday, Slim.