Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fall Sewing: Black and White

Not much to say about the skirt. Simple. Easy. FREE. Ok, except the zipper, but the fabric came from an old drape sample from FabMo. The fabric for the blouse was not a bad price either. Just $3/yard from Eddie's Quilting Bee. I loved the swiss dot texture. This was my first "blouse". I adapted a pattern I got to change the neckline and make it a tie front instead of a high collar. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. Most button up blouses just don't fit me right. Its nice to have one that fits well!

Sorry the pictures are really noisy. I'll try and retake them when I have better lighting...maybe, its rather painful for me to "pose" for these things, so it just might be on a hanger.


Tina and Dan said...

SO CUTE! I think it is awesome you can make your own clothes!

brooke said...

Work it GIRL...:)
I noticed both your skirt and blouse yesterday and didn't realize you MADE them. WOW. Very cute.