Monday, December 1, 2008

Give Thanks!

We're thankful for family!
Boz and his siblings.

McKenzie and Elyette

We're thankful for the outdoors!
Riding down to the canyon. Elyette is really good at off roading.
She was hanging and even swinging from the top bar of the Jeep.

Our little family picnic in the canyon.

We're thankful for food. :)I think we'll all agree the cows were Jack's favorite.
He was squealing and chasing them with out stretched arms anytime one was in sight.
Elyette claims "Jack wants to eat them".
Mmmmm, me too, dude, me too.

We're thankful for Photoshop.Good ol' family picture attempts. Pre-edited.
We had good time at the Ranch this Thanksgiving.

We're thankful to be home!
We got home last night and put up our little Christmas tree and read a story about the First Christmas. We're so excited for Christmas and we're glad to be home!

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Melissapher said...

I'm thankful for photoshop, too.