Saturday, December 20, 2008

Greetings and Goodies

Last December we were just moving into our apartment here in Cali so we didn't get a chance to do much of the traditional stuff. In fact, this is the first Christmas we haven't been busy with school and finals or moving! So, we sent out Christmas cards for the first time ever, with CD's of the piano arrangements Boz did (enjoy here) . Its been a blast this year! Elyette is that age now when all the magic really sinks in (which makes it even that much more fun for all of us). She proclaims "I like Christmas" randomly, carries a swaddled doll around as baby Jesus, watched "Mr Magoo's Christmas Carol" almost daily, sings carols almost non-stop -- her versions :), etc. The candy stuffed advent calendar is a hard one for her. Having to wait to eat candy is not a highlight. But she did get to help me make (well taste test mostly) tasty treats and fill the little boxes we made with them. We highly recommend the dipped pretzel sticks! They could not have been more kid-friendly and the milk chocolate peanut covered ones are SO good. Kinda wish I hadn't given ANY away :).

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