Sunday, December 7, 2008

Petite Peas - A Hidden Jewel Amongst a Crowd of Crappy Green Vegetables

I don't know if this is common knowledge or not, but I thought I would share a piece of information with everybody to try to make the world a better place, becuase that's what I do.

I grew up hating peas, naturally. This is because everybody hates peas. Everybody hates peas because they are nasty. So far I have said nothing that isn't known by everybody. But here is the news. There is a type of pea called petite peas. These look just like regular nasty peas, just smaller. But the major difference is that they don't taste gross.

I know you are thinking to yourself, "This is impossible. A pea is a pea is a disgusting food." I thought the same thing the first time Maegan told me they were different. Well at some point I must have given in and tried them, because today I can testify to the fact that petite peas actually do taste good, and do not taste like regular gross peas (Don't get me wrong, they don't taste like Pixies Stix, but they are still good).

I know nothing I can say will convince you that there really is a difference, so I ask that next time you go to buy peas, if this ever actually happens, don't reach for the same crappy peas you always buy. Try a bag of petite peas. They aren't even any more expensive. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.


Matt said...

First off, I actually love peas... So you're theory is wrong there. Second, I'm pretty sure petite peas don't taste any different. Heather hates both of them. So you've got yet another hole in your theory.

Boz said...

For someone who is pointing out the holes in someone's theory, you fail to see the holes in your own.

1) You love peas. This automatically makes any opinion you have wrong.

2) Heather hates them both. First off, I never said you would love them, I just said that they worth trying if you've never tried them. Secondly, of all people I know, Heat is the only one that is as picky as myself.

Stephanie S. Toone said...

I love peas and always have!! BUT, perhaps you have eaten canned peas? I've only eaten frozen and Chris and I love them and always have since a young age. Sorry! We just buy the peas at Costco because their frozen veggies are stellar. I have not always like green beans, but I love them now, rather drenched in butter BUT they're good!

Also, I had to laugh at Boz's post, quite humorous! You guys are funny!

Karl & Cheryl said...

I am glad to see that during this Christmas season your are seeking whirled peas! Actually, frozen petites are alway a hit at our house, even with our 16 and 11 year old boys.

Debbie said...

Petite Peas are the best, have you tried the Petite Corn. They too are great!

Jodi said...

This is very hard to believe. Peas are gross. My husband nor I will ever eat them, except in a pot pie where they blend in. (okay he won't even eat them then, he picks them out). Maybe we will give it a try, I said maybe!